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Posted by ecostinger on 17th Jun 2016

Summer sports are fun activities that many people enjoy. Summertime brings up many outdoor activities like athletics, swimming, among others. These activities are essential for the overall body develo … read more

Swimming Safety And Survival Tips

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Feb 2016

Swimming is among life's greatest pleasures. Not only does it offer physical and health benefits, it is something you can enjoy with the whole family or friends. But like many things in life, it does … read more

7 Safety Tips Every Beachgoer Should Know About

Posted by ecostinger on 8th Jul 2015

Whether your motive is surfing, tanning, or swimming; a day at the beach should be about relaxing and enjoying. To ensure that a beach trip is delightful and safe, it is imperative you follow some … read more