Posted by ecostinger on 17th Jun 2016

Summer sports are fun activities that many people enjoy. Summertime brings up many outdoor activities like athletics, swimming, among others. These activities are essential for the overall body development. Every part of the body has a role to play during activities it is, therefore, advisable to be cautious so as to avoid diseases brought about by excess heat. There is a need to take precaution during summer activities in order to avoid health complications that may come along. It is paramount to seek your doctor’s advice before taking summer sports, mostly if you plan on taking competitive sports. This will assist you to deal with any health complications that may arise. This does not only refer to those people with health conditions but to everyone who plans on summer sports.

Below are tips to keep you on the safe side during summer sports;

1. Wear a helmet-To avoid head injuries while riding bicycles it is wise to wear a helmet. It is the most effective method of prevention. You should not wear a helmet that is either too big or too small. Ensure that it is well fitting. Ensuring that you have a well-fitted helmet in order to avoid brain damage. It has been found out that a big percentage of those who wear helmets do not suffer brain injury. It is paramount to ascertain that your helmet is tested for safety by the group that does that.

2. Life jacket-It is important to wear a life jacket to prevent you from drowning in case you become incapacitated. A life jacket is a great life saver because it helps you to keep your head up above the water. You should note that there are many disabilities that can be caused by drowning like memory loss and loss of basic functioning. It has been found out that a high percentage of people that drown did not have their life jackets on. The reason why most people don’t put on life-saving jackets is because they think of the bulky ones. You could choose to go the stylish way.

3. Buckle up-A big number of vehicle occupants have lost their lives due to vehicle crashes. The most affected are the young adults. This is because they do not always buckle up. A seat belt is essential in providing safety inside the vehicle. It is deadly to be thrown out of the car during an accident.

4. Take care of children-Kids are more prone to injuries compared to adults. As much as you are having fun you should take care of the children mostly while they are playing near or inside water. Keep in mind that children like to travel around and learn new things. Kids have a lot of energy and it can be hard to keep up with them. You should put up safety gates around the premises that are dangerous to children. Also, learn how to swim or have swimming experts to rescue in case of any accident. Take your kids to a swimming course or simply teach them. It is also important to learn first aid tactics.

5. Safe playground-Kids also love it when it's summer. Therefore, to ensure that they have fun to the fullest you should ensure that their playground is on point. All the play equipment should be well maintained and age-appropriate. Always make sure that there are no loose ends or broken parts. Make sure that all the kids are actively supervised while playing. Separate children according to their age groups, this will keep them off from trying to play with older kids. You can build up a fence.

6. Stay hydrated-Water plays a major and critical role in our lives. It is more important to keep drinking fluids during summer sports. This is because a lot of it is lost through sweating. Do not wait until you are thirsty to start drinking water by this time your body is not functioning as it should.

7. Stay fit-Before going ahead to any activity; it is paramount to warm out your muscles in advance. This makes it easier for your body to cope during the main sports. It is also important to let your body cool down after sports.
All of the above-mentioned tips will help all the summertime lovers to utilize their summer sports well.