Five Must-visit Places In The Netherlands zonnebescherming zwemkleding UV Swimsuit Shop

Posted by ecostinger on 12th Sep 2017

The country of the Netherlands combines modernity with a rich heritage that goes back over two millennia, making it one of the most fascinating places to visit in Europe and a perfect getaway for your summer holidays. As a visitor, you will be amazed by its endless waterways and canals, ancient architectural buildings, historic windmills, cellar bars, and, of course, the spectacular tuli …
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Importance of Clothing with Ultra Violet Protection

Posted by ecostinger on 27th Jul 2015

What is Ultra violet Protection Factor Rating?Ultra violet protection factor rating mainly determines the degree of effectiveness of a fabric to prevent harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. It is similar to the sunscreen rating and UPF ratings range around 15 to 50, where the higher ones earn the credibility of being more effective than their counterparts. Colour, stretchability, finishing, …
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