What Is the Best Form of Skin Sun Protection In 2024?

Posted by ecostinger on 1st May 2024

Summer is just around the corner, which means you should do your best to protect your skin from the sun's UV rays. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to achieve that and we’ll be talking about them in this article, so keep on reading to learn more.1. Wear a Wide-Brimmed HatIt’s crucial to choose the right hat to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. And that’s exactly what a wide-b …
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What is Slim or Snug Fit Swimwear?

Posted by ecostinger on 11th Jan 2024

Slim fit swimwear is a term that refers to a style of swimwear which is more fitted and snug to the body, enhancing the figure and creating a more modern and streamlined look. Slim fit swimwear may include features such as, full body coverage styles such as sunsuits and stinger suits, tighter or narrower sleeves, narrower side seams for a snug fit, shorter in length compared to regular swi …
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Sun Protection Clothing And UV Protective Swimwear Factors And Warnings!

Posted by ecostinger on 19th Oct 2017

Most fabrics can provide some protection from the sun regardless of if they are UPF rated or not. However several factors will determine how effective clothing and swimwear is at reducing the UV reaching the skin. These factors include; the weave density; construction of the fabric; thickness; color; tension and stretch; additives added to fabric; and condition.Fabric with UPF50+ ratings can b …
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Summer holiday in Austria Sun Protection Swimwear Shop Sonnenschutz Bademode

Posted by ecostinger on 12th Sep 2017

Austria may be one of the smallest nations in continental Europe, but it has so much to offer the traveler that one could easily spend an entire year visiting all the "must see" tourist destinations.For numerous people, an exciting summer holiday in Austria symbolizes the finest of the Alps: spectacular landscape with uneven, snow-covered mountains, flower filled fields, and pleasing vil …
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