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The Best Beaches to Visit in California

Posted by ecostinger on 12th Dec 2020

What are the best beaches in California

One thing that catches any traveler's avid imagination every time you mention California is the 800-mile coastal strip full of beautiful beaches to choose from. There is one thing that separates beaches in California; southern beaches are way warmer than northern beaches.

This article will categorize the beaches into four: one well-known beach, one locally-known beach, one hidden gem, and one best overall beach. For this list, we'll consider the view, the scenery, people who frequent the beach, and the wow factor!

Let's dig in.

Coronado Beach

Well-known beach, Public, Safe for swimmers, type of crowd: family, couples, kids, dogs;

Coronado beach is the best beach for families, kids, couples, and even dogs! The beach is walkable and typically doesn't have large waves. If you'd like to surf, you probably won't like it as much since the waves are not as strong. However, the place is an ideal spot if you want to have a picnic and stroll around the beach as a family.

Salt Creek 

Locally known beach, located in Orange County, open 5 am- 12 am, Safe environment, type of crowd: families, sunbathers, surfers;

Salt creek beach is great for sunbathers, surfers, and families. An offshore reef creates good swells along the coastline, perfect for swimming, bodysurfing, and tide exploration of the pool, among other activities. The place is safe and a mecca for orange county families.

Pebble Beach 

Hidden gem located in Crescent city, open to all and safe environment, type of crowd: solo explorers, couples;

This is the best beach for explorers who love walking across the beach leisurely while collecting shells and other beautiful rocks. The beach is a hidden gem known only by the residents of Crescent City. The beach slopes gradually. At low tide, it becomes super wide, while at high tide, it becomes relatively narrow. The beach is excellent for couples who want to spend some time in a calm paradise hidden away from the world.

San Gregorio State Beach

One of the best beaches, located in San Mateo County, open to all and safe for swimming, type of crowd: family and couples;

Sam Mateo has dozens of fantastic beaches. For this one to stand out from the rest, it must mean something. The san Gregorio beach has trails you can explore, a creek, and a lagoon where you can practice a little bit of photography on the beautiful birds. The beach is also quite walkable, and the Northside also has caves that you can explore for unique rocks and fossils.


If you are looking to explore beaches in California, these are four of the best beaches you can ever want to lay your eyes on. There are other beautiful beaches out there; however, finding them can be another task altogether.

That's why we've taken our time to check them out to come up with five of the best for you to explore. Have a go at some of these beaches, and we promise that you won't be disappointed. Have fun!