The Netherlands Special Holiday Destination In Europe

Posted by ecostinger on 12th Nov 2017

The Netherlands lies in the North Western region of Europe, bordered by France to the South and Germany to the East. On a map, it appears as a small country which is indicated using a number and the name written on a separate list. The country, however, has a lot going and plenty of places for holiday goers to enjoy.

Netherlands is mainly a flat country by the sea, which makes it prone to flooding. The country has however taken great lessons from this phenomenon. A good portion of residential land has been reclaimed from the sea. The reclamation efforts are a sight to behold by themselves and the world is looking to this country for lessons in the face of global warming.

Its people are known as the Dutch, and so is its main language.


Between the 16th and 18th Centuries, the present day Netherlands was known as the Republic of Seven United Netherlands. In 1795, it was conquered by Napoleon Bonaparte who turned it into a monarchy. The country retained the kingdom status alongside being sovereign after Napoleon was toppled.

Netherlands or Holland?

Both names are used interchangeably to refer to the same country, but Holland is just a region comprising two of Netherlands' 12 provinces. The two provinces contributed heavily to the economy in the immediate period after Napoleon's defeat, and as a result, became often used as a reference to the entire nation.

Summer Holiday destinations

There is so much to see and do and a lot of places to visit while in the Netherlands; it is advisable to plan a trip of significant length here.

The Strndzuid city beach in the capital Amsterdam is a leading site for loungers who love the sun. There are 2000 sq meters of sand coupled with great food and cocktails. There's no water to swim in here though, remember; city beach.

The Strand West beach, also in Amsterdam, offers a scenic view of the IJ river. This is the ultimate party beach with the DJ turning the music up for dancers at all times.

The IJburg beach on the outskirts of the capital offers what most other city beaches won't: natural water you can swim in. There's an open fire always going so you can go from quick to warm real quick, with great stories over the fire.

There are also plenty of other places to visit away from the capital, including canals, tulip gardens, and parks created from reclaimed areas. The country is littered with great hotels that have themed nights to make holidayers' vacations even more memorable.

Seaside resorts like the Zandvoort, Den Helder and Petten are great places to reside.

Holiday Activities

The flat nature of the country makes Cycling a great pastime for people on holiday. There are cycling teams which will give you a fun challenge.

Picnics in the parks offer a great unwinding experience.

Out on the canals, it is always a great experience to go on a boat ride either on a small private boat or on a mass tour together with other holidayers.

Adult entertainment in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is famed for adult entertainment activities, but many people mistakenly think that these are widespread across the country. The belief couldn't be far from the truth. The Red Light District is just that, a small restricted area. It is fun for people who have that idea of fun but doesn't interfere at all with those who prefer more conservative forms of reveling.

The same applies to weed smoking areas, which are restricted and well regulated. no, you won't find people lighting up everywhere in the Netherlands.

Overall, the Netherlands is a great destination that everyone should have on their bucket travel list. It offers a lot of fun activities and some breathtaking lessons too!