The spirit of helping others; is it lost in us?

Posted by ecostinger on 30th Dec 2015

Our lives are constantly drawing further into seclusion and self-sustenance. In fact every other new invention in technology is geared towards making us as independent as we possibly can. The essence of human interactions has been lost in the many things that we have to do in a day. However, everybody has an underlying need to reconnect back to the great mass of humanity. Every so often when some natural or manmade catastrophe hits us, we rally behind one another in a bid to keep the human spirit alive. This kind of support and love is the same kind meant for everyday living even though at current it has been stifled. We must all resist the habit of focusing on ourselves and forgetting that we are just a tiny part of the design in the grand scheme of things. It is in human nature to seek satisfaction for oneself, however, it is more rewarding and fulfilling when another benefits from your act of kindness. It is in all of us to want to help, and we past activate that part of our psyche for the betterment of others.

So strike back against the modern world

That is not to declare war against technological advancement or castigate modernity. It is merely going back to basics and appreciating the values that brought us together before anything else. Meeting new people and experiencing life as they do is one among the many rewards of togetherness that cannot be found elsewhere. The modern world is what we make it out to be. Our dedication towards improving our relationships can go hand in hand with our efforts towards self-accomplishment. Striking back is refusing to let tech gadgets be the reason we are drawn apart.

Small actions count

In involving oneself in uplifting of others, there need not be a grand gesture. Of course the capability to feed a whole starving village is not bestowed upon all of us but we can play a part in changing another’s life. Without small efforts from different individuals nothing will ever change. Touching the life of another in the simplest of ways can mean the world to them even though it may not carry the same weight to you. “How far a candle throws his beams, So shines a good deed in a weary world.” These were the words of William Shakespeare echoing the need to support each other in the least of ways.

The kids are watching

The way in which we live our daily lives is the only way those who look up to us learn to live theirs. As such, it is the responsibility of those who watch over them to impart good beliefs into their lives. In one of the many quotes from James Baldwin, the children are referred to as poor listeners but great imitators of their elders. By giving children good role models for them to follow, we are essentially setting the stage for their success in later life. It is not enough to be good role models. The job is far from done. Every kid deserves to feel loved and cared for. Many that have the unfortunate fate of living substandard lives due to reasons beyond their control are waiting upon us to show love to them. Giving hope to a child is like lighting a fire that cannot be quenched. Universally, kids are the embodiment of the future of humanity. These are the same people waiting to lead nations and discover new ways of doing things that we cannot begin to fathom. Teachings about children in different religious texts emphasize on the same thing, building rather than destroying their future. Lending you ear to their little queries also encourages them and reassures them of our continued concern. Even such simple gestures as listening to them and speaking positive things into their lives is a way of giving what we have. More importantly, this is an example of giving from the heart.

The world needs you

In the 1600s a Dutch scientist by the name Christian Hyugens observed that multiple pendulums swinging from the same wall ended up moving in perfect synchrony even when they had started their motion at different times. This I believe can be achieved with the human race. The phenomenon which is known as entrainment is possible with human beings. It only requires everybody to do their part. Each individual should consider themselves to have enough to share with others. Having enough does not necessarily mean that we have more than we can use; rather it is a state of mind. A state of mind that enables an individual to use only what they must and let others have a bit of the rest. Stepping away from the social conventions that help to mask individualism is the place to start. Think of a time when some else did something for you that you did not see coming and try and be the person who does it instead of the person it is being done to. A person who receives an act of kindness from another is likely to pass it on to others in one way or another. The good feeling that comes with it also fosters peace.

Making people happy is something that is in human nature, we merely just recreate what we were designed to do in the first place. The purpose of human life is realized when people help each other to achieve. Helping those in need helps us change the world bit by tiny bit. It also improves our lives because it feels good to know that one is changing the difficult situations that others are facing and bringing peace into their lives. Curbing global warming and going easy on pollution might be a solution to healthy living but living itself requires a different kind of commitment. Making people happy takes courage and a will to be a source of positive energy that those around us can benefit from. Make a difference in another person’s life by doing something positive because as Paul Shane Spear puts it “As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world for one person.”