Top 5 Beaches in Australia

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Feb 2017

Australia is the one of the biggest island countries in the world, and for a nation that’s flanked by water on all its sides, beaches galore are nothing but the most natural thing. Australia is not just home to several beaches but the beaches are also some of the most scenic and clean. Despite the Aussies putting equal amount of effort and energy to preserve and keep all their beaches pollution-free, there are some beaches that outshine the rest. The following are the top 5 beaches in Australia, which you should visit if you’re in Australia or heading to the country for a vacation.

1. Mandalay Beach, WA

Western Australia isn’t as popular as the east of the country, primarily because most of Australia’s major cities and towns are located in the east. The Mandalay Beach, located in Western Australia, is therefore a secluded spot. But it’s the isolation that adds to the charm of the beach. Fairly untouched and less traversed, the beach is quite different from most of the other beaches “down under”. The beach derives its name from the historic ship, Mandalay, which was wrecked in 1911. The ship’s skeletons are, in fact, visible even now during low tides.

2. 75 Mile Beach, QLD

Located in Fraser Island, Queensland, 75 Mile Beach is the biggest sand island in the world. The number “75” indicates the beach’s length, which means the coastline is quite expansive.The beach is not just about the size, but also the multi-colored sands that make the beach an instant hit among tourists. However, due to the large shark population in the waters, the beach is not ideal for swimming or surfing.

3. Burleigh Heads Beach, QLD

Burleigh Heads Beach is one of those few beaches located in the Gold Coast of the country that have managed to remain less crowded despite being located in one of the busiest parts of Australia. The beach is stunningly beautiful, and offers outstanding scenarios and several winding walking tracks. As aforementioned, it’s quite remarkable to have a beach located close to the highway and still escape the majority of the pollution and dirt.

4. Cable Beach, WA

The Cable Beach, along with the Whitehaven Beach, is among those beaches that you typically see on a postcard. Though quite popular, thanks to word-of-mouth and also the wonderful reviews online about the beach, the Cable Beach is still fairly untouched. However, that sanctity should change to some extent in the years to come. The sunset at the beach with its bright orange red colors look stunning, prompting many shutterbugs to keep clicking constantly.

5. Whitehaven Beach, QLD

The Whitehaven Beach in Queensland is a beach people who know something about Australian beaches would be aware of. It’s arguably the most beautiful Australian beach, with the sand being an obvious highlight. This doesn’t mean the reef surrounding and water are not worth ogling at. The beach’s silica sand is among the purest forms of sand available on the planet. The extremely fine sand grains means the sand is quite soft to touch. Also, the sand doesn’t get too hot to walk barefoot on in hot summer. The sand is almost pure white in color, which is a splendid contrast to the blue waters of the beach. Both add to the beach’s sheer magic and beauty. And the beach is not small at all. It’s more than 7 km in length and still manages to be ready for a magazine photo shoot anytime and every time.

UV Protective Tips
It is always important to protect the skin from sun ultraviolet rays to avoid risks of sunburn, premature skin aging, and skin cancer. This means the more skin you cover the better. Seek shade always, avoid the sun during mid days, and wear UV protective swimwear and gear.