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UV Protective Swimsuits Provide Effective Skin Protection Against UV Rays

Posted by ecostinger on 9th Feb 2016

UV is one of the major reasons for sun burns, temporary snow blindness and other effects of over exposure to sunlight and heat. When UV is mixed with the effects of water exposure when swimming, it can result in varying skin effects and sores. This is why designers of swim costumes strive to produce protective fabrics and swimsuits that can prevent the effects of UV. UV protective swimsuits have become quite popular and finding one should not be an overwhelming task. Here is a brief description of UV protective swimsuits, what they are, when they are used, types and how they work:

What are UV protective swimsuits?
Like the name suggests, UV protective swimsuits are designed for the sole purpose of protecting people from the effects of extreme UV exposure. It is usually designed to cover the shoulder and arm areas which are more exposed to the sunlight. Sun protective swimwear is provided for areas which are known to have high UV exposure such as beaches and swimming pools. It is ideal for enthusiasts who love outdoor activities like swimming, snowboarding, rafting and surfboarding among related sports.

Where and how to use them
As aforementioned, UV protection swimwear is intended for use in places and activities where you are likely to be exposed to more UV. Areas like beaches, swimming pools and snowboarding grounds are the three common places where UV exposure is increased. It is advisable to use the sun protection costume whole day long and during the entire time you are participating in the activity. When looking for such swimsuits, find designs that cover most of your exposed skin without feeling uncomfortable or limiting your movement. Find designs that resemble swim shirts and swim tights that cover both your arms and legs which are the two most exposed regions.

Selecting a UV protection swimsuit
There are many different types of swimming costumes designed to protect you from the effects of ultraviolet rays. However, not all costumes you run into will meet your unique requirements. Others are simply cheap quality products that barely protect you from the harmful rays. It is therefore important to keenly review offers before spending your money. The best UV protection swimwear should block 100% UV from penetrating into your body and any costume that allows some UV in should be avoided. Nonetheless, designs that can block up to 98% of the rays are still ideal for use in the swimming pool. Some of the things to consider include the following;
• Type of costume – UV protection swimsuits come in different design styles to meet varied requirements. Costumes can give you protection for a defined period of time. The best costumes will last 3 to 8 years providing over 50% UPF.

• Quality and safety – Your priority should be finding high quality fabrics and swimsuits that are safe. The material used to make the costume should be approved for use in swimwear and must depict desirable qualities. If you have sensitive skin and allergies, ensure you keenly evaluate the fabric before purchasing.

• Type of activity – Swimming in the beach is different from swimming pool and beach swimsuits are often designed to block more UV since the exposure is more than in swimming pools. Snowboarding, swimming, rafting and surfboarding swimwear have various little features that distinguish them from each other.

• Reputation – This is a consideration to make of the business supplying swimming costumes. The easiest way to tell if given products or services meet client requirements is to gauge the reputation. Retailers and businesses that have consistently provided high quality UV protection swimsuits that meet user requirements will definitely have a good reputation within the area.

There are many other minor things to consider before purchasing swimsuits. All the other reviews made when purchasing any swimming costume (like affordability and versatility) are still important.

Benefits of UV protection swimwear
The advantages of using swimsuits that protect you from UVA and UVB are quite obvious and straightforward. Ultraviolet ray exposure can spark many discomforts that range from unsightly sun burns and pigmentation. UV rays are divided into UVA, UVB and UVC all which are harmful. The first two waves have been linked with increased risk of skin cancer and should thus be avoided. UV protection swimwear is designed to reflect and disperse these harmful waves and rays thus preventing their effects on your skin and body. It is only reasonable to protect yourself from UV exposure which can cause various symptoms that range from nausea to headaches and increased body temperature.