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What Are Modern Windrusfing Styles?

Posted by ecostinger on 8th Feb 2018

Windsurfing is also referred to as sailboarding or boardsailing. It is a type of water sport that uses a board-and-sail device to combine elements of surfing and sailing. United States is credited for developing windsurfing through Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer, both Californians. Modern windsurfing can be categorized into wave sailing, slalom, freestyle, racing, freeride, hydrofoil, formula etc.


Freeride - It is not a competitive category. It involves sailing both and forth for fun. The surfer can apply variations of gybes.

Freestyle – This type of windsurfing is performed on flat water but its tricks can be applied in wave competitions. It involves performing jumping tricks on flat water. Many combinations of board and sail rotations are done.

Wave – It is a type that is very entertaining to watch. Sailors with jumps and built-in tricks surf waves. Riders are awarded separate points for wave jumps and rides.

Slalom – This is a category that really tests speed limits and is divided into 2. Regatta is the first category, it involves many sailors and a circuit characterized by a lot of overtaking. The second category involves competitors passing individual channels to attain maximum speed that is then recorded for comparison.

Formula – It is an ultra-light wind version of the slalom type. The surf boards are 1metre wide, massive fins and very large sails.

Hydrofoil – This is the use of hydrofoils in windsurfing. It is beneficial because it allows users to gain decent speeds with small sails and low winds. The sailing experience is also smooth.


Windsurfing has several advantages that are associated with it, the main ones include the following:


There are many sports that are quite difficult to learn but windsurfing is not difficult. This is because it is possible for the learner to make the environment conducive. Therefore, learners can got to spots with light constant winds and flat water to practice. Furthermore, windsurfing produces instant results.

Good exercise

Windsurfing is excellent for fitness because it focusses on strength, cardiovascular performance, endurance and bursts of energy. This means that unfit people can get into shape fast with windsurfing. This is because it involves getting onto the board many times after repeatedly falling off as well requires precise reflexes and movements. Stamina improves with experience. Windsurfing is a wonderful workout for persons of varying fitness levels because of the physical fatigue it exerts.

Windsurfing requires equipment like a sail rig, board and wetsuit that are relatively cheap. Afterwards, people can gradually upgrade to components such as mast, boom, sail and board.

For everybody

Windsurfing can be enjoyed by almost anyone. In fact, the only restriction is for children who are under 30kgs as well as individuals who cannot swim.


Windsurfing has essential safety principles that if adhered to make it very safe. In addition, as one progresses across various stages of experience they learn conditions they can comfortable handle.


It does not pollute noise, does not require fuel and does not cause destruction to the environment in any way.


Windsurfing has been developing over the years with better equipment being adopted every other day. Nonetheless, it remains to be a favorite sport for many.