What are Sandflies?

Posted by ecostinger on 23rd Nov 2018

Sand Flies are similar to mosquitos and commonly found at beaches, wetlands creek and lake beds, and they mostly breed in salt waters although can also breed in mud, sand and debris around the ends of the ponds, creeks springs, lakes, in tree holes or in slimy covered bark. They swim freely in water and they are normally found in twigs and leave trash. The larvae pupate on floating debris in open waters, ponds and lakes.

Sandflies breed in safe places which are rich in organic matter e.g. cracks, rodent burrows, animal shelters and privies. They are nocturnal.

For skin protection, insect repellent should be used on exposed skin where possible, and wearing a layer of clothing such as full body swimsuit when on the beach have the ability to prevent the sandflies from biting the skin and transmitting diseases.