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What is Conservative Swimsuit?

Posted by ecostinger on 31st Dec 2019

Conservative Swimsuits Combine Fashion and Modesty

Whether you prefer swimming, surfing, or simply sunning yourself on the beach, the right swimsuit can help you enjoy these activities in comfort and style. Some women prefer to wear a conservative swimsuit while enjoying these activities.

Conservative swimsuits cover more of the body than revealing swimwear such as bikinis. A conservative suit typically covers most or all of the midriff in addition to the chest and groin. Some ultra conservative styles cover the legs, arms, and head, as well.

Possible reasons for choosing a conservative swimsuit include religious affiliation, personal preference for modesty, extra protection from the sun, or a desire to cover marks or scars.

Conservative swimsuits come in a variety of fashionable and comfortable styles, including tankinis, one-pieces, wet suits, and the ultra conservative full-body "burkinis." Keep reading to learn about the style, amount of coverage, and other benefits offered by each option.

The Tankini

The word "tankini" is a fusion between "bikini" and "tank top." This bathing suit is still a two-piece, but it offers more coverage than a traditional bikini. The bottoms are similar to regular bikini bottoms. The top, however, is more like a tank top. In addition to covering the chest, fabric extends downward to cover most or all of the torso. A sliver of midriff may be visible.

Sporty One-Piece

One piece suits are a fantastic choice for both modesty and practically. This type of swimwear is favored by athletes because it is sleek, comfortable, and ergonomic in the water. As the name suggests, the bathing suit is a single piece of fabric and covers the entire torso from chest to groin.

Swim Skirt

A swim skirt can be worn with either a tankini or one-piece to offer additional modesty. Swim skirts come in as many styles and designs as everyday skirts. They are waterproof, ruffled, and typically come to the mid-thigh, providing more coverage than bikini-style swim bottoms.

Wet Suit

Wet suits are another option that, while designed for athletes such as surfers, can also be worn by women interested in conservative dress. Wet suits are tight-fitting garments designed to insulate the body from cold waters while surfing or performing other athletic endeavors. Wet suits cover the torso and back up to the neckline. Some come only to the knees and elbows, while others cover the entire arms and legs to provide more warmth and coverage. A wet suit is a great option if you'll be swimming or surfing in cold waters, such as the oceans in northern regions.

Ultra Conservative

Dubbed the "burkini," a mash-up of bikini and burka, this is the most conservative swimsuit option. The burkini is composed of a full body wet suit that extends to the wrists and ankles, with a swim skirt and waterproof head covering to provide additional modesty. The fabric used to manufacture burkinis is light enough to be comfortable and practical while swimming, without getting waterlogged.

In conclusion, there are plenty of stylish options for women who desire modest, practical, and appealing swimwear. Check in-store and online retailers to find the specific style of conservative swimsuit that is the best fit for your needs. Happy swimming!