What Is Jellyfish Swimsuit

Posted by ecostinger on 15th Aug 2014

About Jellyfish

Jellyfish are not categorised as fish, they have no head, brain, eyes or ears. They are free swimming animals that have a bell shape body with feeding arms and tentacles. They are called jelly fish due to their jelly-feel bodies. Jelly fish are generally transparent, and can be found in shallow to deep waters of all the world oceans. When in contact with human skin, Jelly fish can be venomous and in most cases will require immediate medical treatment.

About Jellyfish stinger swim suits
Jellyfish swimsuits or as called in many parts of the world Stinger swimsuits are full body swim suits that cover the main body part plus arms and legs. This is the ultimate full suit providing skin protection against jellyfish, sea lice and also protect against the sun UV radiation. These suits are made from light weight fabric, may uses regular nylon and spandex materials including Lycra, however the best suits are made from Polyester microfiber materials which is superior to the traditional swimwear fabric allowing skin to release sweat, keeping skin cool in hot weather conditions, and retaining colors and elasticity functions. Fabric stretches both ways for comfortable fit and flexibility.
When in contact with Jellyfish while swimming these suits will help prevent jellyfish from piercing the skin using millions of nematocysts, hence preventing venom from reaching the skin.

For best practice try avoiding swimming while jellyfish are present or simply wear a jellyfish swimsuit to help protect your skin and avoid being stung.