According To Experts Jellyfish Swimsuits Are Probably The Most Comfortable Swimsuits Ever Made

Posted by ecostinger on 29th Feb 2016

Ocean water pauses a number of hazards to humans. In places like Australia, where the waters are warm, the presence of stinging species of jellyfish is dangerous to divers, surfers, and swimmers. The presence of these jellyfish stingers increases during certain times of the year. Armed with venom, jellyfish can cause severe allergic reactions or even paralyze the victim. Consequently, special p …
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What Is Jellyfish Swimsuit

Posted by ecostinger on 15th Aug 2014

About Jellyfish Jellyfish are not categorised as fish, they have no head, brain, eyes or ears. They are free swimming animals that have a bell shape body with feeding arms and tentacles. They are called jelly fish due to their jelly-feel bodies. Jelly fish are generally transparent, and can be found in shallow to deep waters of all the world oceans. When in contact with human s …
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