According To Experts Jellyfish Swimsuits Are Probably The Most Comfortable Swimsuits Ever Made

Posted by ecostinger on 29th Feb 2016

Ocean water pauses a number of hazards to humans. In places like Australia, where the waters are warm, the presence of stinging species of jellyfish is dangerous to divers, surfers, and swimmers. The presence of these jellyfish stingers increases during certain times of the year. Armed with venom, jellyfish can cause severe allergic reactions or even paralyze the victim. Consequently, special protective swimsuits were made to protect swimmers from jellyfish while swimming in open waters. Jellyfish stinger swimsuits are made from light fabric yet thick enough to offer protection against the deadly box jellyfish, they can also include accessories such as mittens, socks, and hoods offering full body protection including head, hands and feet.

Lycra, Nylon, Elastane, Spandex and the new generation PBT fabrics are the most common materials used to make stinger suits. These materials are very comfortable and flexible, due to their stretch yarn. Many divers use stinger suits under their wetsuits since they allow for easier donning.

According to experts, jellyfish swimsuits are probably the most comfortable swimsuits ever made for both cool and hot weather conditions. They can be used in warm and lukewarm waters, allowing the skin to breath and keeping it cool even in hot weather condition. Stinger suits are breathable, lightweight, quick-drying, flexible, and some are chlorine resistant making them ideal to use in chlorinated pools where protection against the sun UV radiation is needed.

Jellyfish swimsuits designs varies depending on usage. The most common and comfortable design include a front zipper running from the waistline to the top of the neck, this makes it easier to put on or take off. another popular design is where the zipper is placed on the back of the suit running from lower back up to the back neck, however this design can be challenging to put and take off, especially when the suit or the skin are wet, this design is mostly used by surfers who spend long hours in the waters.

There are many stinger suits available online and it is hard to differentiate as most have similar designs and functions; however you can find the best stinger suit by following the simple list below: 

1. Make sure the suit offers UPF50+ which blocks over 97.5% of the sun UV radiation; this is the highest rating given to swimwear and clothing;

2. fabric compositions may include different type of materials, we recommend Polyester/PBT, Nylon/Lycra, or Nylon/Elastane;

3. Select front zipper stinger suits which are easier to wear and use, they can be used for professional or casual waters sports;

4. Select a suit that fit your torso well, you may experience discomfort all day long if the suit is tight at the crotch.

5. Select suits with flatlock stitching especially at pressure points which can minimize chafing and keep the skin healthy.