What Is Sun Protective Clothing

Posted by ecostinger on 15th Aug 2014

You may feel that wearing normal clothing can protect you from the sun UV radiation; but this is not true. Not all sunscreens provide the same sun protection and not all sunglasses provide the same eye protection; the same applies to clothing which is measured in UPF – Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and not SPF (for sunscreen) or EPF (for eye glasses).

Therefore, it is very important to make sure the type of clothing you wear have been tested and certified to offer the highest UPF rating of UPF50+ (blocks >97.5% of the sun UV radiation). Sun protection clothing look and feel like normal clothing that you wear everyday, however fabric that is microfibre or tightly wrap knitted can block the sun uv radiation. The thickness and color of the fabric also play a role in the level of protection provided.

You can find sun protection clothing products online from several suppliers; however only few have the right certification or their fabric have been tested for protection against UV radiation. For a peace of mind ask for the highest sun protection rating of UPF50+ which offer sunblock over 97.5% of the sun UV radiation.