When it comes to travel, India is definitely everything and even much more!

Posted by ecostinger on 16th Sep 2018

India is a country that is found in the south Asia. Having an area estimated at 2,973,193 square kilometres, it becomes the seventh largest country in the world. On the map, India can be located easily as the peninsula surrounded by Indian Ocean to the south, Arabian Sea to the west, and Bay of Bengal to the East. It borders Pakistan to the West, Bangladesh and Myanmar to the East, and China, Bhutan, and Nepal to the North east. The countries two islands, Nicobar and Andaman islands share their maritime border with Indonesia and Thailand.

India’s geography is very diverse and consists of landscapes that range from plain hills and snow capped mountains to semi arid areas and desserts. With a coastline measuring more than 7,000 km, most of the country lies on a peninsula to the south of Asia. This peninsula protrudes further into the nearby Indian Ocean. Indo-Gangetic plain which is the most fertile plain in the region occupies most of India’s northern, eastern, and central parts. The Deccan Plateau which is the driest region occupies most of India’s southern part. Thar Desert which is the largest dessert in the region is located on the western part. To the east and north eastern border, there is the Himalayan range. India’s climate ranges from equatorial to the south to Tundra moving towards the Himalayan altitudes.

India is one of the few countries in the world with diverse ethnic groups. Being a multiethnic country, it consists of thousands of tribal and small ethnic groups. This came as a result of intermarriage and migration which happened after a lengthy period of time. The people found on the North Central and North Western part generally have ethnic affinities with both the Europeans and Indo-Europeans. Moving towards the North, much of the area’s population closely resembles the Northern and Eastern people notably the Burmans and Tibetans. Many tribal people found on the north eastern peninsular have affinities to people like the Mon of Southeast Asia.

When it comes to travel, India is definitely everything and even much more. Thanks to the countries perfect blend of hills, snow capped mountains, beaches, and backwaters, India proves to be one of the best holiday destinations in the world. In fact, you would need a lifetime to make the most of all these tourist attractions. When in India, you will be dealing with Indian rupees and Credit cards are widely accepted. When here, it’s advisable to avoid tap water and various food stuffs among them ice, fresh juice, and street food. It is also advisable to pack your full medical inclusive of antibiotics and sunscreen for sun protection. When in the big cities, there are taxis everywhere which you can even schedule straight from most airport terminal counters. Although there are trains also, they are usually too crowded for overnight travel but can be fine for short trips. When it comes to accommodation, there are budget options like and also the luxurious five-star hotels if you can stretch your budget.

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