Where to Buy Sun Protection Full Body Swimwear in Greece?

Posted by ecostinger on 28th Apr 2018

Although a small country compared to other european ones, Greece has definitely been related to much glory from the ancient years. Known throughout the whole world for its civilisation and its history Greece has been a constant attraction for tourists around the world. Modern Greece has also, many beautiful details that characterize it, such as the unique islands and landscapes, native food, hospitality of its inhabitants and an ideal climate.

Greece is located in Southern-Eastern Europe, in the Balkans peninsula. It is washed to the east by the Aegean Sea, to the south by the Libyan Sea and to the west by the ionian sea. Greece has the biggest coastline in Europe due to its thousands of islands. The total number of them is 2000 but only about 170 are nowadays inhabited. Most of the islands are located between Greece and Turkey. The largest island is called Crete and the second largest is known as Evia.

The mainland of this country consists of these regions: Sterea, Peloponnese, Epirus, Macedonia, Thessaly, Thrace and the complex of islands mentioned above. Athens is the capital of Greece. It is located in the centre of the mainland and it is the place where the famous monument known as Acropolis is situated. The special features of the country's geography have affected a lot the natural environment of the country, as well. Greece has a variety of living organisms, animals and plants and many species have their originis in the country, too. The climate is Mediterranean, hot and dry summers followed by cold and rainy winters.

This country is inhabited by about 11 million people. Greeks are known for their hospitality, free spirit and hard working nature. They love to have a good time, they seek opportunities to gather together and enjoy themselves and they are extremely outgoing. Greeks also, form an important diaspora with several Greek communities established around the whole world. Greece attracts millions of tourists per year, particularly during the summer period. Tourists prefer to visit one or multiple islands, sunbathe and swim in their magnificent waters.

Each island has its own unique environment and sightseeings. Every inhabited island can be visited by ferryboats and some of the larger ones have airports, as well. June and September are the ideal months to visit Greece if you want to relax and have a pleasant vacation without huge crowds. During the high-season, the prices are significantly higher and almost every destination will be packed with tourists, both foreign and native ones.

Whenever you choose to visit Greece, be sure to visit as many places as you can. If you choose to visit Greece during the hot summer days, be sure that you follow all the sun protection methods which are listed below. The sun in this country can cause severe problems to ones skin and even lead to a fatal skin cancer. One should always use a sunscreen with high protection along with UV blocking sunglasses and a hat. It is best to avoid exposure to the sun between 11 AM and 4 PM. Newborns and children are also, advised to stay under the umbrella and wear some white shirt to cover their main body.

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