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Where to Buy Sun Protection Full Body Swimwear Stinger Suit Dive Skin in America?

Posted by ecostinger on 28th Apr 2018

America - the land manifold opportunities and promises. A nation that rarely experienced colonisation in a world of conquering lands afar America has stood its ground firmly to be the mega nation it is today. With an entire population of just over a quarter of a billion people America can definitely be called a mega nation without doubt. Its developments in all industries America is surely a great and mighty nation.

America is located in the earths northern hemisphere with south America to the south and the North Pole to the north (quite obvious right there). It’s location longitude and latitude wise is 37.0902� N, 95.7129� W. Although it is a continent in itself and is the forth biggest country in the world it is still bordered by a few countries including Canada and Mexico. Since the nation is so big with an area of nine million kilometres squared there many various types of environments you can experience depending on the region you are in. Down south in coastal cities such as Florida you will experience scenic blue watered beaches with very hot and humid and weather and when you go up north to Alaska where the average temperature (yes the average) is minus 27 degrees celsius. Brrr where are the thermals when you need them.
With two thirds of France being mountains and hills the rest of the terrain is most flat, rolling land. France is encompassed by the Atlantic Ocean which makes the winters cooler with 6 degrees celsius being the average winter temperate and the Mediterranean Sea which makes the summers warmer with the average temperature being 14 degrees celsius. France experiences a maritime climate similar to Britain, but that only pertains to the west of France. The only differing factor will be that French winters will be cooler and the summers quite hot with temperatures reaching an average temperature 25 degrees celsius.

In terms of travel, America’s supersize DisneyWorld in Florida is not a tourist attraction to blatantly ignore. You can easily spend a month there and not see everything. No joke the place is humongous.Other hot tourist locations in America that are more on the sunnier side include Hawaii. Okay now Hawaii isn’t exactly part of the massive piece of land known as �America” but it is still a recognised part of America. The tropical environment, tropical fruits and tropical everything will mesmerise you for months on end after you leave the location itself.

One tip everyone who visited the warmer regions of the USA has given is to go hard on excess amounts of sun exposure are common. To ensure you remain sun safe on all your excursions make sure you lather 50SPF sun screen every 3 hours. Focus heavily on the more sensitive areas such as your fingers, toes, neck and back of your ears. If have you gone swimming or had a water fight ensure that you re-apply the sun block afterwards. Sunblock isn’t a choice, it is necessity when holidaying.

Excess sun exposure can lead to sun burn. Sun burn causes extensive damage to your skin due to the peeling and biological chemical reaction your skin undergoes and it detects the excess sun as a chemical pathogen. If you are conscious about your thrifts are sure to get a fast absorbing sun block that doesn’t stick on your skin and thus smudge of your clothes.

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