Where to Buy Sun Protection Swimwear in France?

Posted by ecostinger on 27th Apr 2018

France is one of the most highly esteemed nations of the globe. An ally during the World War and one of the worlds most dominant colonisers France is country has set its mark across the world. At one point in time the French colonial empire was the sixth-largest empire according to land area of which it owned 11.5 million km². France is known for it’s entire existence. It is not a country known only for food, or for agriculture or just for it’s landscape. Collectively, nearly every single industry and aspect of France makes the nation a spectacle and a wonder to the world.

France is located in western Europe. It’s exact location according to longitude and latitude being 46.2276� N, 2.2137� E. France is surrounded by many various types of environments. From scenic blue watered beaches to the rough and rugged Alpine slopes France is a unique location that makes it uncomparable. The capital city of France is Paris (known as the city love) and has a population of over two million people, which is nearly the population of its distant island neighbour Ireland.

France is bordered by Andorra, Luxembourg, Germany, Monaco, Spain and Switzerland.

With two thirds of France being mountains and hills the rest of the terrain is most flat, rolling land. France is encompassed by the Atlantic Ocean which makes the winters cooler with 6 degrees celsius being the average winter temperate and the Mediterranean Sea which makes the summers warmer with the average temperature being 14 degrees celsius. France experiences a maritime climate similar to Britain, but that only pertains to the west of France. The only differing factor will be that French winters will be cooler and the summers quite hot with temperatures reaching an average temperature 25 degrees celsius.

In terms of travel, France will make one be lost for choice in terms of where to start. You could go to Paris and visit the infamous Eiffel Tower ( or Tour Eiffel as they say in French) or you could go little out of Paris and visit Disney Land an entertainment resort. Although Disney Land is a smaller version of America’s supersize Disney World it will still take a you good five days to complete the entire park. Disney World is 5/6 times the size of Disney Land bear that in mind. It was originally named Euro Disney Resort.

Move down to the South of France you will experience the luxurious riviera. The French riviera includes glamorous beach resorts such as Saint-Tropez and Cannes. You will see lots Lamborghini’s, 5 star spa hotels and a tonne of couture stores aligned alone beach side plazas.

One tip everyone who has gone to France has given especially if you are travelling in summer is to go hard on the sun block. Your stomach may forgive you after overdosing on croissants and macaroons but your skin won’t after being sizzled by the sun. Because of Frances geographic positioning the sun’s beam directly onto the land meaning your skin gets an excess amount of sun exposure. To ensure you remain sun safe on all your excursions make sure you lather 50SPF sun screen every 3 hours. And you go in for a dip in the ocean or the pool make sure you reapply when you finish up. Focus heavily in the more sensitive areas such as your fingers, toes, neck and back of your ears. Apart from that invest in a good French - English dictionary. You will need one!

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