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Where to Buy Sun Protective Swimwear in Qatar?

Posted by ecostinger on 3rd May 2018

Qatar is a country that is located on the north-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. The country borders the Saudi Arabia on the north. The rest is surrounded with the Persian Gulf. It is partially separated from Bahrain by the gulf. Geographically, Qatar lies between latitudes 27N and 24 N, and longitudes 52 E and 50 E. Most of its land consists of a low, barren plains that are covered with sand. On the south-east lies Khor al Adaid an area of rolling dunes. The country gets mild winters as well as very hot and humid summers. The country's people are mainly of arab descent. Interestingly as of 2017 the country was estimated to have a population of 2.6 million, of those, only 313,000 are citizens.

Tourism And Travel in Qatar.

Qatar possesses many touristic destinations which include but limited to: historic forts, natural reserves, 5 star resorts and hotels, parks and malls.

The country is rated as among the safest destinations where tourist will get generous hospitality that characterizes its Arabic culture. Some of the main destinations include:

- Souq Wagif that offers an authentic taste of traditional architecture together with Qatari culture.

- Al Zubarah Fort which is a UNESCO Heritage site that displays examples of ancient settlement in the Qatari region.

- Khor Al-Udeid a UNESCO recognized reserve that has its own ecosystem.

- The Pearl Qatar, a man made island on the West coast.

- The Islamic Art Museum.

Uv Safety And Protection in Qatar.

Rocked with extremely hot summers it is in order to always protect yourself from the UV radiations when you visit Qatar. Some of the ways to protect yourself from the sun include:

1). Wearing proper clothing – When outside try to wear long sleeved shirts and pants that offer the most protection. Some dark colors also offer greater protection compared to light colors. Dry fabrics are also more protective compared to wet fabrics.
2). Wear a hat that has over 3 inch brim all around to protect areas that are exposed to sun, like the ears, forehead and scalp.
3). Wear sunglasses –sunglasses are vital in protecting delicate skin around your eyes, together with the eyes themselves. Long hours on the sun increases your chances of getting some eye diseases.
4). Avoid the burn – Sunburns do increase one's risk of developing cancer of the skin.
5). Go for a shade –an important way of limiting exposure to UV radiation is to avoid getting outdoors during direct sunlight. Especially between the hours of 4 pm and 10 am, when UV radiation is strongest.
6). Apply extra caution near reflective surfaces, such as water, sand and even the windows.
7). Apply extra caution at high altitudes –one experiences more UV radiation at higher altitudes as there is low atmosphere that can absorb UV radiation.
8). Apply some broad spectrum sunscreens - you should generously apply sunscreens to cover all of your exposed skin. It will protect against overexposure to ultraviolet B and ultraviolet A sun rays. It is advised to use sunscreens that possess sun protection factors of at least 15. You should Re apply sunscreens throughout. Even if your sunscreen is labeled "water resistant," it should be reapplied, especially after swimming or sweating. Ideally, apply sunscreen every two hours.

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