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Where to Buy UV Protection Swimwear in Egypt?

Posted by ecostinger on 3rd May 2018

Egypt is also known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it is located at the North-east of Africa. This country is one of the world's oldest civilisation that emerged from the Nile valley at around 3,100 BC. Being one of the oldest vacation spots, the early Greeks Romans, and other people visited it for fun and also to see the wonders of the world and humankind's earliest triumphs. Apart from the famous Pyramids and monuments, Egypt also has many tourists attraction sites, and activities such as scuba diving in the Red Sea, hot night spots, luxurious hotels, and five-star hotels. For many centuries, Egypt was ruled by many emperors and kings.

The Geography of Egypt.
Egypt relates itself to two regions which are, North Africa and Southwest Asia. The coastlines in Egypt borders the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and the River Nile. Deserts mainly cover most of the land in Egypt. The primary physical regions that cover Egypt are the Nile valley and delta, the Western Desert, the Eastern Desert, and the Sinai Peninsula.

The people in Egypt.
The primary language spoken in Egypt is Arabic. The Egyptians are hospitable and friendly which encourages even more visitors into the country.

Travels and tourists attractions in Egypt.
Egypt offers a wide range of unique tourists attractions that found only in this country. These attraction sites include;

1. The Pyramids of Giza.
The Pyramids of Giza are among the last surviving seven wonders of the world, and they are the most recognisable landmarks in Egypt. The pyramids were built as tombs for the Pharaohs and have amazed travellers and visitors from all over the world for ages. The complexity of these pyramids which have lasted over 4000 years has always left archaeologists wondering how they built them.

2. The Islamic Cairo.
Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, packed with mosques, and Islamic schools of learning (madrassas), Cairo has a lot of history to be explored with some beautiful preservation of architecture of old Islamic empires.

3. Aswan.
The town of Aswan was built at the winding curves of River Nile. Here you can take a river ferry across to the Elephantine Island, walk at the beautiful streets of Nubian villages, and even ride a camel to the desert monastery of St. Simeon located on the East Bank. Aswan has numerous temples and historic sites but one of its biggest highlights is that you can be able to sit back under a shade and watch the river Nile's life pass.

4. Egyptian Museum.
This museum is located in Cairo and has is one of the world's most significant museum collections. It has some of the most ancient pieces of art and is also known as a treasure trove to the pharaonic world.

5. White desert.
This natural wonder has surreal shaped chalk mountains with iceberg-like pinnacles that makes it look like a snowy wonderland. Adventurers and dessert fans can enjoy a breathtaking view of this spectacular natural scenery.

6. South Sinai.
South Sinai is Egypt's centre for beach fun with lots of luxury hotels and international restaurants. This place is well known for attracting divers all over the world since it has the best dive sites.

Outdoor activities that tourists can enjoy in Egypt.
Tourists can enjoy a wide range of activities in Egypt like riding quad bikes in the desert, camel riding, diving in South Sinai and also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the white desert among many others. However, it is crucial to carry out sun protection measures against UV rays from the sun.
Sun protection measure may include applying sunscreen, covering your skin with clothing to reduce exposure to the sun's rays and seeking shade when not participating in outdoor activities.

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