Where to Buy UV Protection Swimwear in Kuwait?

Posted by ecostinger on 3rd May 2018

Located Southwest of the Middle East, Kuwait is one of the smallest countries in Asia. It is estimated to be about 124 miles North to South and 154 miles East to West. Even so, its geographical features, culture and rich history surpass its miniature size.

It borders Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf, enjoying almost 120 miles of breathtaking coast. Kuwait has nine islands within its borders, with the largest being the Bubiyan and Wahbar Islands. Most of these islands are unoccupied with an exception of Failakah Island, which was once home to the famous Alexander the Great and houses an ancient Greek temple. This attraction has contributed to its high population.. The Bubiyan Island has served as the country’s military base since 1991.

As of 2011, Kuwait’s population was estimated to be 2,418,393, with a higher ratio of men to women. More than half of the country’s people are Immigrants from other Arabian countries who seek better working and living conditions. The natives, whose number continues to dwindle with time, include the Sunnis and Shias. There is a high literacy level in Kuwait compared to other countries in the Emirates complementing its stable economic state and continued development. Most of the people reside in the cities.

Traveling in Kuwait can be an amazing experience, especially during the summer. It has pristine and breathtaking sceneries which are a must go destination for any vacationer. Unexploited by industrialization and commercialism, Kuwait is an oasis gives an authentic and pure Arab adventure.. Here are some of the best travel destinations when in Kuwait.

1 Failakah Island.

As I mentioned before, this is perhaps the most prestigious destination in Kuwait. It is home to the ruins of Greek settlements. It was gravely destroyed during the Gulf war leaving behind treasures and historical monuments. There is an ancient temple at its center. This is said to have been built by Alexander the Great and his men.

2. The Musical Fountain.

Located at the heart of the city, The Musical Fountain is a major attraction. It is an architectural masterpiece with 220 fountains built on three pools. Here there are two ice skating rings, restaurants and numerous children activities. Its location makes it easily accessible from different parts of the city.

3. Kuwait National Museum.

Are you in love with culture and Islamic history? The Kuwait National Museum offers this information in abundance. From archeological excavations from the Failakah Island, to the pearl-diving relics, the museum is one of a kind. The Islamic art, famously known as the Dar Al-Athar
Al-Islamiyyah, dates back to before the eighteenth century. In addition, there is a reference library and a planetarium.

4. The Green Island.

This is a famous tourist destination. It is an artificial island created on the gulf. It has an access path about 130 meters connecting it to the main land.

5. Sief Palace.

This magnificent structure was created to house the royal family governing Kuwait. It offers extensive information on the political system of Kuwait and the Emir family dynasty. The palace is mostly uninhabited as the family stays in the Buyan Palace.

These are just but some of the famous travel destinations that make Kuwait a unique country. Take note that Kuwait has extremely hot weather due to its desert climate. you need to be extra cautious to ensure sun protection. Purchase the best sunscreen depending on your skin sensitivity level and use if frequently. This will ensure your skin is safe from sun burns and damage and hence your stay in Kuwait will be without distraction.

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