Where to Buy UV Protection Swimwear in Oman?

Posted by ecostinger on 3rd May 2018

With a colorful and vibrant culture, Oman is a country that is proudly Arab. It is
located in Western Asia and has interesting, friendly people ready to share their lifestyle with you. Seeing as the nation is situated right at the entrance of the Persian Gulf, it holds a strategically important position among countries in the area. This country is recognized as a powerful, absolute monarchy. Thanks to able leadership by its sultan, the nation has experienced stability for decades. As such, it has preserved its attractions, cuisine, culture and unique experiences. Tourists are very welcome in this Muslim country. Here is more about this captivating nation.

● Geography

This country has a hot and humid climate. Its interior section is blazing hot while itscoastline features humid weather patterns. Much of its central territory is covered by desert. The Northern and Southern coasts feature mountain ranges as well. An interesting fact about the country is that thousands of years ago, it was covered by ocean. This is proven by the presence of shells that have fossilized in its desert.

The temperatures in Oman range from lows of 20 �C to highs of up to 50 �C in the height of the Summer season. As such, you are encouraged to use somesunprotectionto protect your skin from the abundant, harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. There is very little rainfall here and precipitation only occurs in the mountainous region of Salalah.

● People and culture

The capital city of Oman is Muscat. It has a bustling population of more than 700, 000 people. The city is located along the coastline and provides an excellent look into the country's vibrant way of life. Traditionally,the country was famous for the production of sweet-smelling frankincense, ship construction and steel working. Today, it is highly admired for its decadent grapes and lucrative oil industry.

● Attractions and things to do

There are many attractions in this nation for tourists to view. Its current leader is Sultan Qaboos Al Said. He has opened up the country's borders much more so as to invite and accommodate tourists and investors.

Some of the most well known attractions that you can view are the Grand Mosque, the desert safaris and the Nizwa Fort. The waters off the country's coastline are also prime locations for diving. It has a rich coral reef that features abundant flora and fauna.

The country has preserved its ancient culture whose influences can be seen in its
architecture, cuisine and social constructs. Visitors to the country get to experience an authentic Arab culture. As such, many popular movie stars and musicians get to visit this country and enjoy its amazing attractions. While there, tourists can stay at some splendid hotels such as the Al-Bustan Palace.


Traditionally sheltered and isolated from the rest of the world, Oman has growninto a vivacious nation in the Middle East. Its people welcome tourists with open arms. Furthermore, there are many mysterious and spellbinding activities and features to explore. While there, you can get a glimpse of an unspoiled empire whose leadership has stayed intact for generations. If you desire serene comfort in majestic
architecture, Oman is a must-visit country.

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