Where to Buy UV Protection Swimwear in Turkey?

Posted by ecostinger on 3rd May 2018

Turkey is a transcontinental country that is partly in Europe and partly in Asia. Since it was founded, the Republic of Turkey has acted as both a bridge and barrier between the two continents. This Eurasia country shares its borders with eight countries, which include Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia to the east, Syria and Iraq to the south and Bulgaria, Georgia and Greece to the northeast. All in all, Turkey is one of the largest countries in the region, in terms of population and territory. In fact, its land area that covers 72, 454 square kilometres is the largest of its kind in Europe. The Republic of Turkey is surrounded by seas on different sides. At the south of the country is the Mediterranean Sea, at the north is the Black Sea, and at the west is the Aegean sea.

This unique country has 81 provinces that are divided into more districts. The capital city of Turkey is Ankara, while Istanbul is the country's biggest city. Instanbul is widely referred to as a global city as it is the main commercial and cultural centre. According to 2016 statistics, the Republic of Turkey had a population of 79.51 million people. The people of Turkey are commonly referred to as Turks and their main religion is Islam. The Turkic ethnic group is the largest in the country comprising of 80 percent Turkish, while the Kurds are the major minority ethnic group estimated to be 20 percent. Other ethnic groups such as Circassians, Greeks, Arabs and Turkmen make a smaller percentage of the country's population.

The official language used in this country is Turkish. However, there are other minority languages that are spoken in Turkey such as Arabic, Bosnian, Kurmanji, Karbadian, Zaza and many more. If you are planning to travel to Turkey it is important you know about its climate. The country's coastal areas bordering Mediterranean and Aegean Seas has dry, hot summers while winters are wet and cool. Therefore, if you are planning to go outdoors during the summer, it is important you protect yourself from the UV rays. You can choose to wear sun protective clothing that covers your skin from the damaging effect of UV rays. Tourists and travellers can also wear sun protection hats that come in different shapes and sizes. They can be useful at blocking UV rays from damaging your face.

If sun protection hats are not an option for you, you can apply sunscreens with sun protection factor to your skin. SPF sunscreens protect your skin from damaging sun rays while giving it a beautiful glow. Therefore, you can enjoy outdoor activities, including playing and swimming knowing that your skin is safe from harsh sun rays. The Republic of Turkey has so much to offer to tourists and travellers from all corners of the world. In fact, Turkey recently became one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In 2014, the Republic of Turkey attracted more than 42 million tourists, which justifies its position as the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world. Despite being a big country, it is easy to travel in Turkey.

Long distance travellers can use Turkish Airlines or other air carriers to travel to other cities without breaking the bank. For short to mid distances, there are luxurious buses in Turkey that travellers can use. Turkey is working around the clock to build a high-speed train network that will connect 15 cities. This will make it convenient and fast for travellers to move from one city to another.

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