Where to Buy UV Protective Swimwear in Cyprus?

Posted by ecostinger on 3rd May 2018

Cyprus is an island nation that is in Eastern Mediterranean, the 3rd most populous island nation in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is bordered by Syria to the North, South by Turkey, northwest by Israel, and southeast by Greece. Its physical relief is dominated with two mountain ranges, Troodos Mountains and Kyrenia Range. The Mesaoria plain drains out with the Pedieos River, the longest river on the island. Troodos Mountains do cover the western and northern portions in the island.

Cyprus has a good subtropical climate and semi arid type. Snow is only around Troodos Mountains. Rain occurs mainly on winter, summer is generally dry. Cyprus is rocked with some of the warmest climates at the Mediterranean part in Europe. The average temperature is around 24 C.

Tourism And Travel in Cyprus.

Tourism in Cyprus island occupies a great potion in the economy. It significantly impacts the Cyprus culture and multicultural development. Tourism industry contributes about 10.7% in the GDP. Some of the great destinations in the island include:

1). Famagusta.

The deepest harbor in the island which is located at the precise location where many cruise ships dock with visiting tourists.

2). Akamas Peninsula.

It is the least inhabited parts in the island. If you are eager to go off road and beat the tracks, this is where yo need to be. There are no paved roads. It is good for mountain biking.

3). Nicosia.

The capital city of Cyprus which is unlike most capital cities. There are great museums to visit in the city.

4). Protaras.

For relaxation you can visit the beach. You can decide to take a dip on the Mediterranean waters or just sip some cocktail.

5). Kyrenia.

Kyrenia is the harbor town in Cyprus that has an amazing backdrop that is created by the Pentadaktylos Mountains. A great outdoor recreation.

6). Larnaca.

Larnaca is the oldest city in Cyprus, with a history that goes back 6,000 years. It is also home to the island's largest international airport.

7). Troodos Mountains.

They stand as a great destination for outdoor activities in Cyprus. One can hike over the medieval Bridge or get a mountain bike to explore the trails up the mountain.

UV Protection in Cyprus.

Hit with some hot summers that have direct sun radiations, in Cyprus it is in order to protect against UV radiations when in Cyprus. Some ways to protect yourself include:

1). Wearing protective clothing –Venturing out on the sun one should be cautious and wear clothes that protect direct hit by the sun. Long sleeved shirts and pants are ideal for this.

2). Wearing sunglasses –direct sun rays are known to affect the eyes and sometimes cause complications. Sunglasses will shield you from such adverse effects.
3). Avoid the burn –Outside in the beaches avoid getting a burn. The skin epidermis is delicate and the burn can cause skin cancer.
4). Avoid direct sunlight hours. –Limit your outdoor activities mostly hours between 4 pm and 10 am, This is when UV radiation is at the pick.
5). Avoid reflective surfaces, like water surfaces, or even the windows.
6). Avoid high altitudes where there is no enough atmosphere to absorb extra sun radiations.

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