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Posted by ecostinger on 14th Oct 2016

We've always been told that the only way to exercise is through obtaining a gym membership. Without a shadow of doubt, subscribing to a new gym is definitely a great way to exercise, stay healthy and fit, but it sure as heck is not the only way. There are multiple ways to exercise and many different places to go to, be it through a sporting activity, or rather in a relaxed and calm yoga room. However, if you have been long looking for a form of exercise and one that is of a low budget, then exercising at your local beach isn't a bad idea.

There is more to a beach than just a lounging area during summer. If you do not mind the occasional sand getting in between your work out session, then the beach is a great place to exercise especially if you are on a budget. That grainy material that you are so used to laying on not only has the potential to get you a nice tan, but also change the way you body moves and looks. All you really need to do is take off your footwear and put in some work. Below are some of the ways you can adapt to put sand to your advantage - hence you no more have excuses if you live close to a beach (or if you are on a summer vacation).

Soft Sand Running -

Soft sand running offers you more resistance as your feet submerges an inch or two down, which makes the workout harder. According to various studies, soft sand running would require you to assert about one and a half times more energy than running on a concrete surface at the exact speed; whilst walking on sand requires you to exert two and half times more energy than walking on a concrete surface.

This means you are going to achieve your results even faster since your legs and feet are putting in a lot more on sand. Once you get used to this, you are going to find yourself running much faster with a lot less fatigue. Surely an amazing way to speed train, isn't it?

Since you are rather running more on the balls of your feet, running on the sand makes your calves stronger. Because it embarks on the arches of the feet, it is a good way to prevent plantar fasciitis.

If you are not very with familiar with soft sand running, you could start by running close to the water for a firmer footing, and then gradually try moving higher toward the dry areas as and how your body accustoms to the surface.

Overall Body Workouts -

There are other ways to get fit in the sand aside from running. If you want to improvise on your sprinting and jumping ability then plyometric training is the way to go. It also induces less muscle soreness than when you perform this activity on grassy areas. It also improves the reaction time of your muscle, which will make you even quicker on hard surfaces.

Ladies beach jacket tights leggings sun protection

The best thing about doing cardio on the beach is it makes it easier for your joints and offers more resistance. Running, doing squats, push-ups on the beach enhances your workout session. But if you ever feel like keeping it calm, get a towel and do some yoga!