Ladies UV Protective Clothing Full Cover

Posted by ecostinger on 7th Dec 2016

Dangers of Sun Tanning

As the summer months get closer many people begin to prepare themselves for a very common and soothing activity known as sun tanning. In fact, lots of folks have already started working on their tans for summer in the privacy of their home or a sun tanning salon. They can achieve nice dark tans through regular tanning sessions with commercial tanning beds and supplies.

When you sun tan, your skin turns brown as a result of being exposed to the rays of the sun. Every year so many people visit tanning salons to achieve that gorgeous golden tan thought to be sexy and healthy looking.

Sporting that sun-kissed glow is more attractive compared to having that pale white skin. That is why tanning beds; tanning lotions and sprays are one of the must-haves in most beauty regimen and arsenals. But despite that fact that it gives you that healthy complexion, is it excellent for you in the long run? With the increasing number of people hooked on sun tanning, there should be proper information to help determine when it is already too much.

Spending a whole afternoon lying on the beach just to get that even tan or maybe a good spray at your favorite salon is always the usual thing to achieve that fun summer hue on your skin. Not only does it tell that you were out and about having fun, but it also brings that sexy image. However, there is also some degree of danger that accompanies regular sun tanning.

The effects of sun tanning are no different with that of sunburn. In fact, a tan is an indication that your skin has been exposed to UV (ultraviolet rays). This is in no way safe or healthy for the body because UV exposure can damage the DNA sequence in our body, and this is why in most cases it leads to melanomas on the skin.
And with the kind of protection that we have today with our damaged ozone layer, skin conditions resulting from sun tanning is highly likely.

Aside from the dangers that it can do on the internal structures of the skin, sun tanning can also lead to dark spots and other signs of premature aging. The constant exposure particularly at the close range, such as with tanning beds, will put you at risk of unsafe UV exposure, despite the salon's claims stating otherwise.

It is sad how most people who are into tanning fail to realize the repercussions when you do it regularly and in the long term. Since the purpose for it is mainly for aesthetics, it should also be considered that it can also create serious adverse reactions in that area as well. The UV rays in particular, when it reaches the deep layers of the skin, causes a destruction of the collagen and elastic fibers thereby resulting in poor skin elasticity. This leads to skin sagging and ultimately premature aging.

Even though medical aesthetics is available to correct these problems, it is not an excuse to unduly expose you to the dangers of over-tanning. Although it is your prerogative as to the methods you would employ to make yourself look attractive, it is also wise to consider the adverse effects of such choices.

Tanning beds, tanning salons, sprays, lotions or sunbathing may have several benefits, but it can also create serious side effects particularly on light-skinned individuals. It increases the chances of melanoma formation to 75%.

We should better reconsider what our stand is regarding what is beautiful. You should be very careful on what you expose your skin too especially with the kind of environment that we have nowadays.

Even indoor sun tanning can be dangerous to your skin and your health when abused and used excessively. If you're planning on working on your tan for the summer in a commercial tanning bed (whether in your house or a tanning salon) make sure to make smart decisions and limit your exposure time to the tanning lamp rays. Smart sun tanning will not only allow you to achieve that dark golden brown tan you so desperately seek it will also keep your skin safe and prevent you from contracting skin cancer at a later point in your life.

Ladies UV Protective Clothing Full Cover

Ladies UV Protective Clothing Full Cover