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Sun Protective Swimsuit Full body Skin Cover

Posted by ecostinger on 1st Nov 2016

Protecting your skin on the beach is absolutely essential. The beach is an environment when people tend to expose more of their skin to the sun's rays: they swim, play volleyball and sunbathe in bikinis or short swimming trunks. If unprotected from the sun, however, your skin can suffer burning, blemishing and harmful effects such as skin cancer. Below, you will find three handy skin coverup tips for your next session at the beach.

1. Wear sunscreen.

On the beach, sunscreen is essential. Even if the day does not feel hot, the sun's rays can still scorch your skin: that cool breeze can be deceptive! Make sure to choose the correct factor, too. Factor 50 plus is always a good bet. Usually, your skin will burn after just 15 minutes of exposure to the sun - unless you wear sunscreen. Factor 15 sunscreen means that you can stay in the sun for 15 minutes without your skin beginning to burn. After that time, you will need to reapply your sunscreen to avoid burning. Factor 50 sunscreen allows you to stay out in the sun for up to 50 minutes without burning. Wear a waterproof sunscreen whilst in the water to protect your skin - but, just for the sake of safety, make sure to reapply sunscreen immediately after swimming.

2. Cover up your face, eyes and shoulders.

A sun hat with a wide brim will protect your scalp and face from burning. Sunglasses with approved UV filters are essential for protecting your eyes. And, whenever possible, wear loose fitting clothing over your body (as well as sunscreen, of course), to provide another physical barrier between your skin and the sun's rays. You can make a real style statement with flowing kaftans and sarongs if you like. When it comes to sunglasses, wraparound style shades are the best as they provide total coverage for your eye area and prevent the sun from getting to the corners of your eyes.

3. Avoid the sun at its most dangerous.

Between midday and around 4pm, the sun is at its hottest and most dangerous. At this time of day it is best to seek the shade and not engage in any activities in the sun. So, head down to a beachside cafe for lunch and sit under the awning until later in the afternoon when you are free to swim and stroll on the beach to your heart's content - having taken all of your sun protection measures of course.

Establishing a skin coverup routine is so simple!

Protecting your skin from the sun's rays at the beach is not difficult at all. Simply follow the three tips above and your skin will be safe and sound. You can still enjoy the beach to the max whilst protecting your skin. If you do wind up getting sunburned, get out of the sun immediately and stay in the shade. Apply aloe vera gel directly to your skin to soothe and cool the burns. And make sure to make an appointment with your doctor to check that your skin has not sustained any lasting damage.

Sun Protective Swimsuit Full body Skin Cover