What Is A Wetsuit?

Posted by ecostinger on 9th Jan 2017

What is a Wetsuit?

A wetsuit is simply a garment made using foamed neoprene. This garment is often worn by canoeists, windsurfers, divers, surfers as well as other people involved in water sports. Wetsuits have recently increased in popularity as they are believed to offer buoyancy, abrasion resistance and thermal insulation. Basically, the insulation properties that the garment offers are determined by the bubbles of gas enclosed perfectly within the material and which are meant to reduce suit’s ability of conducting heat. The bubbles also give the garment a low density thus offering buoyancy in water.

What are the Different Types of Wet-suits?

There are different types of wet-suits available in the market meant to serve different purposes. Wetsuits come in different thickness of neoprene so that they can suit different periods of the year. The different types of wetsuits include; steamers which are full- length suits meant to cover a person’s entire body, shorties that have short legs and sleeves, or just trunks and vets.

Despite the kind of wet-suit you buy, for total protection during winter, you will also be required to purchase neoprene hood, boots and gloves.

Who Invented Wetsuits?

Hugh Bradner who was a physicist at the University of California between 1915 to 2008 developed the idea of wet-suits in 1951. Bradner is believed to be the man responsible for the idea of developing modern- style neoprene wet-suit. However, he did not invent neoprene i.e. the synthetic fabric used to make wetsuit which was developed later by Wallace Carothers who was a pioneer of nylon.

How Can I Wash a Wetsuit?

When washing a wet-suit, you’ll be required to place a fine- mesh bathtub drain strainer in your bathtub drain. Then you will have to remove your drain plug and carefully position the strainer on the top of your drain opening. Once done, add to the water two cupfuls of shampoo, one wet-suit cleaner cupful and then soak the wet-suit in your bathtub for about three minutes.

Once the three minutes period lapses, use your hands to move the garment sideways in the water so that you can slough off any salt or sand. Carefully, turn your garment inside out and then dunk it in the water carefully while clearing debris away using your hands.

Drain water from the bathtub and then rinse the garment in clean water. You should finally remove the garment from the bathwater and then shake off the excess water from it.

Tips and Warnings

Since the zipper on the wet-suit you buy runs up your back thereby making it difficult to put the garment on and off, it is ideal that you practice on how to wear the garment so that you can avoid embarrassing your self when using it.

You must always ensure that rinse out your wet-suit in salt-water after every use.

Ensure that you research first about the types of wetsuits available in the market before buying one so that you can know the one that will suit your needs perfectly.

Last, but definitely not least, never share your garment with any person as it can make you contract easily the various skin disorders that can cause consequential effects to your skin and body in general.