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What Is Semi Dry Wetsuit?

Posted by ecostinger on 10th Jan 2017

A semi dry wetsuit is a sort of wetsuit that integrates much better seals at the wrists, neck and ankles. These particular seals work by limiting the exact level of volume of water which can enter and leave these wetsuits. Still, you will get wet when you use this varieties of wetsuits. However, the water trapped gets rapidly warmed and will not leave the suit. This definitely means that you be able to remain warm. Semi dry wetsuits are generally utilized in regions where water temperature lies between 10 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit and 68 degrees Fahrenheit).

What material is a semi dry wetsuit crafted from?

Generally speaking, an excellent semi dry wetsuit is usually manufactured from neoprene. This is a material which is highly noted for the top notch thermal protection it can offer in underwater conditions. These varieties of wetsuits come in a number of configurations, but for the most part, they can be either one-piece or 2 pieces suits. The latter of which combine �long johns’ along with a separate jacket. Additionally, these whole package of these products normally doesn’t include boots. So, you will have to purchase an excellent pair of insulating boots, if you wish to use semi dry wetsuits.

The semi dry wetsuits layers system

The layers system happens to be the very latest innovation when it comes to these sorts of wetsuits and it is rapidly replacing the traditional single layer semi dry wetsuits. Some of the biggest benefits of this system is the fact that it can provide much better warmth and greatly increase the suit’s versatility. In essence, 2 or more layers of neoprene can be able to trap water much better than a single layer ever would. This technology also facilitates for the utilization of significantly thinner neoprene materials, which can provide additional warmth for the wearer. The exact thickness of a semi dry wetsuit usually varies from 3 mm, 5 mm to 7 mm. Ideally, the thinner the material, the more improved will be the wearer’s ease of movement. Still, very thin varieties tend to lead to lesser warmth and buoyancy. This is the main reason why high quality semi dry wetsuits incorporate appropriate warmth to buoyancy ratios.

What to look for in a good semi dry wetsuit

There are several additional factors to consider when you decide to buy these sorts of wetsuits. To begin with, you will have to choose between metallic and plastic zips. Basically, the metallic varieties are the strongest, but are also susceptible to rusting. While the plastic ones are not very strong, but rusting isn’t a factor with them. You should look for a semi dry wetsuit that comes with kidney and spine pads. These are extra materials which are positioned over the kidneys and spine. As you might you probably be aware, these are critical heat loss regions while submerged under water. Also, when using a tank, these pads will enhance your overall comfort. Finally, look for a product which has a zip baffle. This is a layer of material that prevents water to flow through the zip. A zip baffle will also greatly enhance your comfort by prevent the zip from grazing against your skin.