Women Beach Exercising Clothing Sun Protection UPF50+

Posted by ecostinger on 22nd Oct 2016

Beach yoga exercising can be defined as yoga exercises that are performed on the beach and may comprise of several moves. These include standing, plank, forward fold, upward dog, downward dog, floating your right leg between your hands to warrior I, warrior II, reverse warrior, returning to warrior II by moving your right leg to the side and getting on the elbows to perform runner’s pose and pigeon pose. Beach yoga is always a romantic idea but is faced with numerous challenges unlike yoga in the studio or at home. It is for this reason that you require the right gear and clothing to properly do it.

Beach yoga
The following are some useful tips that you can follow when beach yoga exercising:

Carry a mat or a beach towel
This will help in preventing sand from caving in around your feet and hands. It will also keep sand away from your eyes and under your nails.

Plan a routine
It is advisable to have a routine from the word go on how you will be handling your beach yoga exercising sessions. After sticking to a set routine, you can basically do anything else you feel like once you are done. For instance, if you really enjoy vinyasa flow or asana poses you can embark on those after you are done with the planned routine.

Take your time
Since you are at the beach, take time to enjoy the swaying of the palm trees, the spray of the ocean and even the crashing action of the waves. This is because yoga is a combination of both body and mind. It is therefore vital to properly absorb your environs as you transfer your focus to your breathing as it is strongly related to your movement.

Perform it at sunset
Beach yoga exercising is best done at sunset or at sunrise. This is because these times of the day are quite relaxing and are guaranteed to take your breath away owing to the scenery. The weather tends to be ideal for putting in some work in exercising at this time as well.

Set an intention
It is useful to set an intention prior to beach yoga exercising so that it is a powerful. This can be a creative project that you will work on but requires focus, it can be a problem that requires a solution, it can be to simply de-stress. The intention may also involve you making the decision on whether the beach yoga exercise is a healing session or a strength development one.

Type of gear
Beach yoga exercising needs gear like a beach towel or a mat, yoga beach blankets. The bigger the towel or mat the better. Remember to carry sunscreen as the sun may fry your face.

Clothing used
The rule of thumb with beach yoga is to avoid loose clothing as they tend to ride up when performing inverted poses. Generally, it is advisable to go for natural fabrics as they keep you cool and healthy unlike plastic clothing that does not allow your skin to breathe.

Beach yoga is an excellent idea especially if you desire to be one with Mother Nature as you exercise. Follow the above tips and be sure to enjoy your experience.

Women Beach Exercising Clothing Sun Protection UPF50+

Women Beach Exercising Clothing Sun Protection UPF50+