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Posted by ecostinger on 23rd Oct 2016

Many think that beach volleyball is different from that of the normal volleyball game. Beach volleyball is much like the indoor type of volleyball. Essentially, you've got two teams on each and every side of the net. These teams consist of several players.

The greatest difference between the regular volleyball game and the game of beach volleyball is just the setting. Clearly, beach volleyball is played on a shore. This makes a difference in the dress you wear while playing. Frequently, those who play beach volleyball play inside their bathing suits, shorts, tank tops or alternative shore apparel that is common. Also, in beach volleyball, tennis or athletic shoes aren't worn by players; they were nothing on their feet. In regular volleyball, you have to have on while playing or the tough and likely hot pavement or court surface could damage your feet shoes.

Additionally, the size of beach volleyball is somewhat bigger than an indoor volleyball and softer. It is possible also to cross underneath the net to hit a ball provided that you do not intervene with the competitor's attempt at hitting the ball. As the primary contact of the ball, the block also consistently counts in beach volleyball. In beach volleyball, shift or players will not be necessary to rotate locations during play. All these will be the important differences between beach and indoor volleyball.

Beach volleyball differs from indoor volleyball almost as much as table tennis differs from tennis. Don't think that you are ready to hit the sand because you were a collegiate indoor volleyball player.

The serve is the best place to start with our rules. A tossed ball that isn't contacted is a lost point.You might wonder why players are always switching sides during a game when playing beach volleyball. These side switches occur every 7 points if you go to 21 and every five if going to 15. This happens because one side is always better than the other. You can go on the opposing side to chase down a ball when playing beach volleyball. You obviously can't touch the opposing players, though.

A beach volleyball is bigger, lighter and less pumped up than an indoor volleyball. Remember to always keep the psi of an outdoor volleyball under four psi.In beach volleyball, you are allowed to double a hard driven ball. Indoor volleyball does not allow a double to occur on a hard driven ball.

Never take the serve with you fingers. Serves can't be doubled in beach volleyball, so if you take it with your hands, it must bounce off your palms, and your hands must be touching each other.Indoor volleyball players have the hardest time learning how to set the ball correctly in beach volleyball. The ball should leave your hands with no spin and should be pretty silent.

No competitive side sides set over the net are allowed in beach volleyball. You must set the ball directly in front or behind you if you plan on fixing the ball over the net.If you touch the ball on a block, you only have two more hits to get it back over the net. This means that you don't get an extra hit like you do in indoor volleyball.

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