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Sailing is one of the safest, affordable, fun and accessible sports that is open to participation by all type of people from all backgrounds, abilities and age. Is sailing sport there is no restrictions as to who can sail and who cannot. Long ago, people used to consider sailing as a way of traveling and discovering the world since then there were not creation of roads or railways. However today, sailing has taken another root and it has become one of the most favorite sport among other sports in the Olympic arena. There are several sailing clubs, which are open to give the sailing opportunity to different people and give them the chance to enjoy sailing as well.

Types of sailing

As any other sport sailing if not concentrated on one page, there are different types, which gives you different exposure to this sport. Depending on your interests. Here are some of most common types of sailing sports;


This is when you find a number of boats running round a course in a competitive way. However there are still different types of racing from introductory to the most complex international racing.


This is the type of sailing that gives you as the sailor exposure to the world. Cruising, is more like social sailing with a selection of sailing destination. Most of the cruising boats are designed to give you a friendly family environment throughout the cruising trip.

Ocean racing

This is a sailing competition that mostly takes place off-shores. It involves big sailing boats like the yachts

Social sailing

This is the most used type of sailing that is open to people who are just interested in sailing and not ready to take it as a competition. It’s a noncompetitive participation or a form of spicing your vacations.

Nude sailing

Its only perfect for the most daring participants. This is when you just take time to enjoy the breeze around water and gives you a relaxing environment.

Types of sailing boats

As there are different types of sailing and different seasons, there are also different types of boats for specific sailing styles. Some of the boats are cheap and affordable while others are expensive and comfortable to use. Depending on the sailing club that you visit its possible to have access to all types of boats and select the one perfect for your sailing sport interests.

The boats ill always vary from the dinghies to the yachts depending of the size of your pocket. Sailing boats are classified in three different classes although with in each class there are hundreds of boats. Three classes are powerboats, Dinghies and keelboats

The interesting thing about sailing as a sport is that it creates room for advancing every time you get on the boat and start sailing. Whether you are a fresher in the market or you have been sailing before, once you pick a sailing boat you will always find new sailing habits that you never knew existed from within you. Once you are keen in advancing one stem after the other, its easy to get yourself on the bigger sailing team list. You may start as a social sailor and within on time find yourself sailing at the ocean racing competition.

Women UV Swimsuit Long Sleeves And Legs

women uv swimsuit long sleeves and legs