4 Incredible Water Sports to Try Out This Summer

Posted by ecostinger on 9th Jul 2015

Nowadays, enjoyment at sea does not restrict itself to just swimming or collecting shells, but sports and adventure enthusiasts have developed a whole bunch of water sports activities that magnify the fun aspect of sea water. Indulging in water sports is undoubtedly exciting, but this may involve a lot of exposure of your skin to the harsh UV rays of the sun. Here, wearing a high-performance swimsuit that offers protection against UVA and UVB sun rays becomes essential.

We provide a list of different types of water sports that you can try out to add vigor to summer beach trips:

Surfing – This is a surface water sport in which you will be riding the sea waves. As a beginner, you can start learning to surf by simply renting a surf board. Once you think you can surf in a decent manner, you should invest in a good surfing board that best suits your needs. A sun protective swimsuit providing excellent flexibility becomes essential as it allows you to ride waves on sunny days as it lends excellent freedom of movement for better performance.

Kayaking – This summer, if you are willing to try something adventurous, try to learn kayaking! This amazing adventure sport includes paddling a sleek boat by using a double-bladed paddle at a high pace in order to explore the beauty of the sea. If you are a novice, we recommend you to venture into the sea with a group of kayakers, not alone. Wearing a high-performance swimsuit that ensures sun-protection by blocking 97.5% UV rays is equally significant as kayaking will demand long hours of sun exposure.

Snorkeling - Discover the magical world of aquatic life by learning snorkeling. If you are a good swimmer, learning snorkeling will be easy for you. Snorkeling requires some basic gears like the snorkel, fins, mask, and a good swimwear. This swimwear should be able to offer protection against harmful effects of sea creatures, especially against sea lice and Jellyfish stingers.

Parasailing – Want to feel the joy of both, water and sky together? If yes, then parasailing is the perfect water sport for you. This is a recreational water sport, which demands less exertion and emphasizes more on the fun element. A paraglider is towed behind a boat in order to assure both, speed and safety while soaring high with the breezy winds. Staying protected from harmful sun rays by wearing a protective swimsuit with UPF50+ will add to the fun by eliminating the worry of any possible skin damage.

Next time, before heading out for a beach trip make sure that you carry a pair of sun-protective swimsuit, which is capable of providing excellent UVA protection and flexible body movements. You will surely be able to enjoy longs hours at the beach and indulge in thrilling water sports without any apprehensions!