Dive Skins

Posted by ecostinger on 15th Aug 2014

Dive skins (also known as stinger suits, sunsuits, UV suits, or full body cover swimsuits) are the lightest of all suits; they come in different styles including built-in hood, and soft bra support for women just to name a few. These suits are commonly made out of a stretch material which is basically an elastic fabric with a silky finish. It can be used on its own or worn inside a diving wetsuit. It is also a great active wear to use when you are out doing your favorite water activities, or simply seeking protection against the sun UV radiation. 

If you are using these dive skins for the very first time, it would help to know some of its uses. Here are some of the useful tips in wearing and maintaining your diving skins:

On those warm summer days that you want to snorkel and test the waters, you can wear this soft touch layer of suit on its own. They are lightweight but give you just enough protection from getting cut, scraped or encountering abrasions while exploring under water.

During colder days, it is best to wear the diving-skin inside a full-on wet suit. The diving skin does not have any thermal protection which is why it is not commonly recommended to be used alone unless in warm or lukewarm water.

On the other hand, the diving skins are also a great tool to use to make it easier for you to wear and take off your thick wetsuit. Decades ago, divers used to wear pantyhose just to fit into their wet suits. But now, because these thin suits are made from thin stretch fabric which is a very smooth and silk material, it is easier for divers to get in and out of their wet suits fast and without any struggle.

Wearing the dive skin also gives you a layer of protection against harmful elements. It can provide you with protection against the sun UV radiation as well as those poisonous jellyfish that you might encounter while snorkeling and diving.

The best way to keep your dive skin clean is by rinsing the suit in normal water right after your dive. Allow for it to dry before you store it. Make sure that you rinse the salt from the sea waters off your suit and let it dry thoroughly before keeping it.

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