What Is A Dive Skin?

Posted by ecostinger on 9th Jan 2017

Dive skin is a cloth specially designed and manufactured to protect the diver from the undercurrents of water as well as water animals. Dive skins are used while diving in water temperatures above 25 … read more

Stinger Suits Dive Skins Full Body Swimsuits

Posted by ecostinger on 7th Dec 2016

Danger Of Sun Burning When you come back from the beach as red as a lobster thinking that your tan is going to look awesome, did you ever think about the danger of sun burning? A sunburn … read more

Dive Skins

Posted by ecostinger on 15th Aug 2014

Exclusive offer: Get 10% OFF your purchase today using coupon code ECOSITE valid for a limited time only.Dive skins (also known as stinger suits, sunsuits, UV suits, or full body cover swimsuits) ar … read more

What Is Dive Skin Or Stinger Suit

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Aug 2014

Dive skins are used when diving in water temperatures above 25 °C (77 °F). They are normally made from Spandex or Lycra and provide little thermal protection, but do protect the skin from jellyfis … read more