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Effects Of Environment And Climate Changes On Humans

Posted by ecostinger on 30th Dec 2015

In the recent times, climate change has been a top concern in the whole world. It is mostly considered to affect the physical environment in general. The icecaps melt, the sea levels rise, and there is also an effect of the storms and the heat waves. Other than the effect on the environment, it has been discovered that climate changes have an effect on humans. The human health is affected by the change in the climate and the environment. It has been calculated that the effect of the change in the climate and environment will impact the future of humans.

Effects of Climate Change On Humans
The environment and climate change affect the human health negatively. This is because many factors are involved in the entire process. The more the planet is warming up, the worst the environment gets for humans. That is why it is believed that the climate change will affect the future generations negatively.

One common impact of the climate change on human health is the increase in the mortality rate and the diseases that are brought about by the thrilling weather conditions. Such conditions like drought, heatwave, flood, tsunami, and other conditions, tend to take the lives of many people. This is a common report in the developing and the developed countries. As some areas are affected by the tsunami and hundreds of thousands of people are dying, other countries are faced with heat waves that kill people.

The high temperatures that are caused by the climate change lead to health risks, especially to the senior citizens. Also, people who work outside are open to the risks of the high temperatures. Such workers like the builders and the farmers are mostly affected by it.

There are also many killer diseases that are caused by the increase in the temperature and the rainfall. As a result, there will be a rise in the mosquitos in specific areas, which lead to an increase in the malaria virus. Usually, mosquitos with the malaria virus are mostly plenty in the hot and humid areas. So when those areas experience a rise in the temperature, there will be an increase in of the mosquitoes. The result is an increase of malaria outbreak.

The climate change can also affect the economic development of humans. It is believed that the climate change will affect the mental health and will lead to malnutrition cases. Malnutrition is a major concern in the developing countries. This is caused by the extreme weather conditions. Such conditions like drought will lead to a decrease in the food production. As a result, many people will spend days hungry.

The climate change also affects the mental health of humans, since people suffer from the effects the environment has posed in their lives. When people leave without homes and food, they will be affected mentally and psychologically.

The G20 Effect On The Climate Change
Different heads of states have come together to form the G20, Group of Twenty. This is a global forum for the central bank governors and governments from twenty top economies. This forum is meant to point out the major causes of global warming, and the best ways of countering that. The forum has discussed various strategies that will help to improve the environment. They have also suggested ideal ways of saving the world for the future generations.

The use of renewable energy is one of the strategies that the G20 has suggested. With renewable energy, there will be less energy that is burnt in the environment. This will help to limit the carbon emission. It also helps to make the energy more reliable and affordable.

The use of energy sufficient LED lights is also a factor that is emphasized. The LED lights have been on the market for many years now. Nonetheless, there are new energy efficient LED bulbs that are meant to produce less heat and consume less energy as well. The energy needed to burn the light is reduced. If every home applies and use these lights, the final heat emitted by the lights will be much lower.

Using the right and appropriate machinery and raw materials in the industries is also emphasized. This will help to reduce the toxicity of the waste product, which mostly lead to acidic rain. When the right raw materials are used, the environment will be safe and comfortable enough. If all these are applied, the future generations will be safe enough.

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