How to prepare and get fit for summer time and holiday?

Posted by ecostinger on 8th Oct 2014

Learning to eat healthy will help maintain the right weight and fit body. Calories are the body's main energy source so understanding about calories and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids help regulate various specific systems and keep the body's natural chemicals in balance. Calories and nutrients are both needed to be well balanced and remain healthy.

Having more calories in diets will result in weight gain, and less nutrients will cause our body to not function efficiently. Eating vegetables is the easiest way to keep fit and not gaining weight, also some fruits, whole grains, and lean meat are considered from the healthiest food full of nutrients. Exercising is another way of loosing extra calories and keeping our body firm and in shape.

This may be unusual but laughing is one of the most important factors that may affect our health. Laughing improves our immune system, lowers our blood pressure and increase muscles flexion; in addition laughing can burn up to 2.31 calories a minute! So keep laughing when you get the chance and stay fit :)

Statistics shows that the percentage of men that are overweight is higher than women’s.

People eat more in winter and most cant resist their favorite foods and physical activities decrease, so this leads to gain in weight, also not forgetting that most holiday occasions occurs in winter like Christmas, valentine, thanksgiving … and this lead to more and uncontrollable eating habits. 

When winter is over or perhaps planning to go on holiday to a destination where summer season is on such as Australia (summer season falls between mid Oct to mid Jan) most people start thinking about getting into shape to enjoy the sun and outdoor, wearing shorts, bikinis, light dresses, bathing suits etc… Some might be surprised to find out they are not in the same shape which they used to have few months ago. Winter clothing can give us the wrong sense that we can eat as much as we like and stay in shape.

To loose weight we must be committed to a new balanced food and regular exercise. Loosing 2lb of weight-loss per week is perfectly acceptable and if exercising a lot will loose weight slower cause muscle is heavier than fat, however it will be much healthier and will have better body tone due to muscles increase. 

Whether you are planning to go on holiday or simply waiting for summer season, its time to start planning how to maintain a healthy body with balanced food, and enjoy life. 

Tips to consider:
- Have five healthy balanced meals during the day;
- Try to use stairs instead of elevator;
- Drink lots of water it will help you feel full and it will wash and clean all the toxins out of your body;
- Exercise more, the harder you go more calories you burn;
- Be prepare for the effect of sun and heat by drinking lots of Water

When exercising, it is essential to drink water and eat food that contains antioxidants such as fish, nuts, whole grains, beans, tea, dark green veggies, grapes, blue and red berries which helps keeping healthy skin and stay in good shape.

If you followed this simple healthy advise which is a well balanced of nutrition and exercise it will help you lose fat and get fit faster than ever and you will be ready for summer and no worries about your weight and shape. And don't forget to wear  uv protection swimsuits when on the beach or pool, protecting your skin from the sun uv radiation is important to keep your skin healthy and avoid damage or worst skin cancer.