Is it Safe to Travel to France Amid Strikes and Protests?

Posted by ecostinger on 30th Mar 2023

Spring is around the corner, so many tourists want to travel to their favorite springtime destinations. If you plan to visit France, you must be aware that Paris is having days of fiery protests and strikes. This was after President Macron attempted to push the controversial pension reform bill. Workers across all sectors continue to demonstrate after the retirement age was pushed from 62 to 64 …
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Tips That Will Help You Find The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Shape

Posted by ecostinger on 8th Jan 2016

Shopping for the right swimsuit can be a daunting and futile task if improperly done. It is however possible to find one that suits your body if you are equipped with the right information. As such, this article explores a few tips that will help you find the perfect swimsuit for your body shape. Continue reading to know what you should bear in mind as you comb the market for the right swimwear.Fi …
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5 Most Popular Swimsuit Designs

Posted by ecostinger on 21st Jul 2015

Tired of wearing the same boring costume every time you go to the beach? It’s time that you update your swimwear wardrobe by choosing from a wide range of designs available these days. Nowadays, a swimsuit needs to serve to a whole lot of purposes. It needs to grant flexibility for comfortable swimming, safeguard your skin from harmful UVA rays, should be able to protect you from stings of dangero …
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Crane Beach - Ipswich, Massachusetts

Posted by ecostinger on 9th Apr 2015

Crane Beach is a 1,234-acre (4.99 km2) of conservation and recreation property located in Ipswich, Massachusetts. It consists of 6 km long sandy beach front, dunes, and a seaside slope of pine forest. Five and a half miles of hiking trails through the dunes and forest are accessible from the beachfront. The parking facilities are Parking Permit Sticker Program or must get early to find a plac …
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