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5 Most Popular Swimsuit Designs

Posted by ecostinger on 21st Jul 2015

Tired of wearing the same boring costume every time you go to the beach? It’s time that you update your swimwear wardrobe by choosing from a wide range of designs available these days. Nowadays, a swimsuit needs to serve to a whole lot of purposes. It needs to grant flexibility for comfortable swimming, safeguard your skin from harmful UVA rays, should be able to protect you from stings of dangerous sea creatures and of course imparting fashionable looks is essential too. 

Let us see what the hottest trends in swimsuits are by analysing them on both, looks and utility criteria:

• Maillot – This traditional styling of swim suit comes in a one-piece design and is perfect for almost every body shape. Featuring two straps and a scoop-neck, this swimwear provides an ideal fitting to your body. To give it a more trendy twist you can accessorize it with a belt, which will make your waist look slimmer. However, it is advised that you go for sun protective swimwear in this design to resist harmful UV rays.

• Racer Back Swimsuit – If giving a high swimming performance is your motto, then this stylish racer-back style swimsuit is perfect for you. The racer-back design of this type of swimsuit grants freedom to your arms for swimming faster. Choosing a high-performance swimsuit that provides UV protection is what determines maximum comfort.

• Bandeau Swimsuit – You can find a bandeau-style design in both, one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. In this strapless-style swimsuit, fabric can be pleated and gathered in the middle to give your body a slimmer appearance by hiding the flab. You might also get detachable straps with this swimwear, which can be used in different styles to achieve various looks like spaghetti, halter or criss-cross. If you can buy a swimsuit that safeguards you against stings and venom of sea creatures, it is always better to opt for them.

• Monokini – This is basically a glamorous version of the conventional one-piece swimsuit. In monokini swim suits, the sides are chalked out so that you can show-off your toned midriff with grace. Prefer to invest in a swimsuit that is resistant to chlorinated water so that you can also wear it in a pool and save yourself from the harmful effects of chlorine.

• Swim Dress – For those who are conscious about their side bulges or heavy thighs, swim dress is the perfect solution. The built-in skirt of this swimsuit provides full coverage to your stomach, butt and upper thighs. This type of swimsuit is also offered in plus sizes and is a good choice for pregnant ladies.

So now, you can decide which swimsuit will suit your body type best in terms of styling. It is also important to see whether it provides protection from harmful UV rays and infectious sea creatures. Being chlorine-resistant and flexible is surely an add-on!