Join The Snorkelers! Observe The Natural Setting And The Life Experienced Under Water

Posted by ecostinger on 16th Jan 2016

Well, about 70% of the earth is covered with water bodies. Oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, spring and so on so forth. However, it will surprise many to discover that they know nothing about life in water. Leave alone the fact they have delicacies right from the water yet they have never bothered to know what they eat to survive in water. The statistics and facts mentioned above should not discourage …
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Skin Protection – A Look At UV Radiation And Other Factors

Posted by ecostinger on 30th Dec 2015

Fact remains that skin protection is among the most talked about topics when it comes to human health. In fact, research and discussion surrounding this issue has been rising in the last decade as people seek to solutions to protecting the skin against different elements. As the largest organ in the human body, the skin is most exposed to the environment. This means it is also the most susceptible …
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Share Your Picture Wearing EcoStinger Suits And Get A Free Item

Posted by ecostinger on 11th Dec 2015

Share your best picture wearing EcoStinger sun protection swimsuit products and get a FREE item. Inspire others to wear sun protection swimwear and be rewarded with a free sun protection product. Too good to be true! Try us!  We only ask that you follow media guidelines below when emailing us images, and give us permission to share your pictures on our site, social networks, …
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Stylish and Fashionable Swimwear This Summer

Posted by ecostinger on 21st Jul 2015

Tired of wearing that same boring costume whenever you go to the sea? Nowadays, beach trips are not just restricted to swimming, but allow you to explore snorkelling, water polo, diving, water aerobics, and a lot more.Summer is round the corner and it’s the time to adorn the latest swimwear by updating your wardrobe with this UV protective and trendy swimwear. It will allow you to flirt and pla …
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