Join The Snorkelers! Observe The Natural Setting And The Life Experienced Under Water

Posted by ecostinger on 16th Jan 2016

Well, about 70% of the earth is covered with water bodies. Oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, spring and so on so forth. However, it will surprise many to discover that they know nothing about life in water. Leave alone the fact they have delicacies right from the water yet they have never bothered to know what they eat to survive in water. The statistics and facts mentioned above should not discourage anyone planning on snorkeling. Swimming in water or through water bodies with the purpose of recreation is known as snorkeling. The main aim of snorkeling is for one to be able to observe the natural setting and the life experienced under water.

Snorkeling does not require one to undergo any special training or any special mask. So long as one has a stinger suit, sunsuit or wetsuit and a J shaped tube known as snorkel, they can start snorkeling comfortably. This sport does not also have specific age; everyone who is interested can join the club. There are various upcoming snorkeling organizations that support snookers by funding the equipment for snorkeling and training.

Very few people know about snorkeling. Therefore, it would be correct to label it as a leisure activity and not a sport as such. There is less competition, compared to scuba diving. There is no special training to practice the recreational activity at all. One needs to know how to displace water using the snorkeler, be a good swimmer and be able to breath under water. Reading the instructions given on the snorkel box is also essential to avoid careless accidents.

It would be absurd to rule out the fact that precaution is necessary. This is for the sake of not turning ones problem into an emergency to the next party. Therein, orientation on snorkeling will be necessary before starting the sport for newbies. It should be conducted by a tour guide or an experienced snorkeler. Part of orientation and instruction includes knowing areas to avoid such as the coral reefs that are prone to damage by snorkelers. There are certain areas to avoid while snorkeling, shark breeding zones and how deep one can go or how far one can go as well. As a matter of fact, most snorkeling organizations advice that snorkeling should be done in a team not individually.

To increase buoyancy and submersion in water, snorkelers wear inflatable vest. Well, they are designed in such a way that one can adjust to monitor floatation in water. They also come in variety in terms of colors such as yellow and orange. Consequently, these devices that enhance buoyancy in water hinder snorkelers from getting deep inside the water. This has an impact on the view of the snorkeler. The aim of the sport is for the snorkeler to be able to have a closer look of the water world with ease and not strain to have a look. Wetsuits are far much better for snorkeling. They provide buoyancy and resistance to water submersion.

For people who have pale skins, it is advised that, while snorkeling they wear a UV shirt, sunsuit, or full body swimsuit. These are to protect the skin from sunburns and jellyfish stingers. Snorkeling is mostly practiced in tropical areas. However, as mentioned early, any water body is suitable for the sport. Locations with minimal water waves and warm water are highly preferred by snorkelers. Shallow reefs are also very ideal for snorkelers. The deeper ones are adventurous too, but they require more excursions which are tiresome and may make one tired easily therefore not enjoy themselves well.

In conclusion, snorkeling is becoming a recreational sport and gaining popularity with time. It is therefore important that one learns the sport as fast possible. Be adventurous and always snorkel with a party. It’s more enjoyable and much safer. It is also important that you have camera with you. Memories are always sweet on photographs. There is nothing interesting as watching the fish swim in water and touching the coral reefs by your fingers. Going for longer distances is also very enjoyable this however, means that, one has to sharpen their swimming skills; especially breathing deep under water. Exploring the water world is breathtaking and awesome.