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Posted by ecostinger on 12th Sep 2017

Austria may be one of the smallest nations in continental Europe, but it has so much to offer the traveler that one could easily spend an entire year visiting all the "must see" tourist destinations.

For numerous people, an exciting summer holiday in Austria symbolizes the finest of the Alps: spectacular landscape with uneven, snow-covered mountains, flower filled fields, and pleasing villages where geraniums spill out vibrantly from the balcony of rural wood villas. The deeply rooted network of Tyrolean mountain huts allows you to stay on the hills without ever thinking to return to self-styled civilization. This is probably the chief reasons why walking vacations in Austria are so well-liked and admired. The residents preserve numerous of the ancient practices such as making cheeses in the mountains, and frequently wearing the conventional Austrian outfit.

Motorbike fans and cyclists will appreciate the numerous bike routes available throughout the Austrian Alps, and I have to recommend a ride up Austria's Großglockner High Alpine Road. Taking you up Austria's highest mountain (3,798m), this famous road extends 48 kilometers long, has 36 sharp bends, and an altitude ascent to 2,504 meters. The view from the top is quite simply breathtaking, but as one would expect, it is only accessible during the summer months, which is an added advantage to Summer travelers like you.

Rivers and streams criss-cross Austria, and lakes mark the landscape, making the whole country a recreational area for the water sports enthusiast. Plan your route for a relaxed paddle crossways one of our tiny ponds or set sail across one of our bigger lakes. Undertake noisy river rapids with your companions in a whitewater raft, or by yourself in a kayak. Or you can have a nice time and have a nice vacation splattering around close to the beach with your kids and friends and entertain yourself.

For instance, Salzkammergut Lake District is a miraculous mountain world rich with lush green forests and brag off approximately 76 immeasurable deep lakes, all with crystal clear water such as the Traunsee lake which is the deepest lake in Austria. Traunsee provides an idyllic environment for wind sailing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. Mondsee lake during the summer holiday season in Austria, is very ideal for water sports since its shoreline favours the recreational activities and is also a very good beach. Mondsee lake shoreline closes to Irrsee Lake. There are great lakefront spots for swimming and countless romantic destinations to be pleased about the attractive natural environment. Wolfgangsee lake is another 'must visit' destination on your summer holiday in Austria. This beautiful gleaming lake is filled with audacious water sports potential and is especially renowned for being a water ski hot spot: When it comes to spattering & wet fun in the sun, Wolfgangsee Lake is just the right place.

Austrian hospitality is second to none, and as many of the hotels are family run, you can expect the personal touches that turn a weekend away into a memorable holiday. The cuisine is diverse and delicious, the wines are exceptional, and I have found the service to be the best in Europe.

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