Italy, the world's most popular country among tourists

Posted by ecostinger on 12th Nov 2017

Italy, the world's most popular country among tourists is considered as one of the birthplaces of western culture. Although Italian is the predominant language, you will find several Italian dialects depending on the region you are visiting.Italy, nicknamed Bel Paese, meaning the the beautiful country’ is known for its fashion, delicious cuisine, automobiles, history and beautiful landscapes. Beac …
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Italy Holiday Destination costumi da bagno di protezione solare Sun Protective Swimwear Shop

Posted by ecostinger on 10th Sep 2017

About Italy:Travel broadens the horizons, so the saying goes. Indeed, it can't be argued that travel opens you up to myriad new sights, information and experiences, many of which will stay with you for life.However, even more so than other destinations, a summer holiday in Italy can actually be life changing—just ask anyone who has ever been to or spent some time there, including high profile cele …
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Holiday Destinations: Amazing Beaches Around The World

Posted by ecostinger on 25th Aug 2014

Even if you can’t go to one of these stunning beaches soon, just looking at the photos will take you away for a moment, until you can plan a trip. Baia do Sancho in Brazil is one of the best stretch of vibrant clear water and white sand in the world Anse Lazio, on Praslin Island, in the Seychelles, Playa Norte beach in Mexico Grace Bay, in Turks and Caicos Ra …
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