How To Stay Healthy Without Harming Your Skin In Summer!

Posted by ecostinger on 24th Jul 2017

Summer brings in beautiful days. Summer brings in the sun. The warmth of the sun can bring a smile on your face and a beautiful dress on your body. While most of us are out there in the sun enjoying a stroll on the beach or getting a tan, do remember that the combination of wind, sand and UV rays are not all that great for your skin.This weather pattern can also be a painful time for acne sufferer …
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Share Your Picture Wearing EcoStinger Suits And Get A Free Item

Posted by ecostinger on 11th Dec 2015

Share your best picture wearing EcoStinger sun protection swimsuit products and get a FREE item. Inspire others to wear sun protection swimwear and be rewarded with a free sun protection product. Too good to be true! Try us!  We only ask that you follow media guidelines below when emailing us images, and give us permission to share your pictures on our site, social networks, …
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Climate Change

Posted by ecostinger on 22nd Apr 2015

Climate Change is affecting life on earth, the seasons are shifting and temperature is rising same as sea levels.The most dangerous consequences of climate change are : Higher temperature, changing landscape, wild life at risk, rising seas, economic losses, stronger storms and increased storm damage and increase risk of drought, fire and floods.One of the examples about drought is Folsom lake in C …
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