How To Stay Healthy Without Harming Your Skin In Summer!

Posted by ecostinger on 24th Jul 2017

Summer brings in beautiful days. Summer brings in the sun. The warmth of the sun can bring a smile on your face and a beautiful dress on your body. While most of us are out there in the sun enjoying a stroll on the beach or getting a tan, do remember that the combination of wind, sand and UV rays are not all that great for your skin.

This weather pattern can also be a painful time for acne sufferers. This means that your summer bag must include some acne skin care products to ensure that the acne is not aggravated or flare up due to the exposure of these elements. It is important to understand that if you do have acne prone skin, the last thing to do is visit the beach unprotected as sand and dust can get into your already sensitive skin and cause more problems.

Learn to take care of your skin
Many people out there who have been misled that the sun is a good thing for their acne prone skin. Ensure that you use good sunscreen lotion. Ensure you avoid oil-based sunscreens as it will only aggravate the situation.

Tips on how to stay healthy without harming your skin in summer
Clean your face
Always cleanse the face after leaving the beach to make sure that your skin is refreshed from the exposure to wind, dust, and sun. Face cleansers make your skin very clean without any drying effect. You should massage the face with cleansers for 2-3 minutes. After that, wash your face with plain water and pat dry with clean towel, use a cotton cloth.

Exfoliate your skin
Exfoliation takes care of pollutants and dust. You should get the best exfoliator that works according to your skin type and requirements. The skin may be rubbed gently for a few seconds only. One may also use a home made exfoliator to avoid chemical ingredients in market products. Honey orange scrub, banana scrub, curd and papaya scrub are homemade exfoliators which can be used. Avoided over exfoliating as it can cause more harm than benefit.

Tone up your skin
After the body is exfoliated, the skin pores are open. Toner is a substance used to close the opened pores while cleansing. It makes skin look soft. It must be done after each cleansing procedure. Try to use an alcohol-free toner. Home-made toner can also be used too.

Moisturize the skin too
Moisturizing your skin is a must-do step of all and must be done by people of all skin-types and colors. It gives your skin the softness and suppleness together with best hydration. You can choose oil based, water based, oil free, oil free moisturizer based on your skin type.

Skin care in summer is not at all hard. Just make it a section of your routine and take extra care of your acne during this time. Then you can be assured of a lovely summer for many years to come. Hope the above tips will help you stay healthy without harming your skin in summer and remember to coverup with full body swimsuit when on the beach, exposing your skin to the sun UV radiation can harm your skin and may cause skin cancer.