Is it Safe to Travel to France Amid Strikes and Protests?

Posted by ecostinger on 30th Mar 2023

Spring is around the corner, so many tourists want to travel to their favorite springtime destinations. If you plan to visit France, you must be aware that Paris is having days of fiery protests and strikes. This was after President Macron attempted to push the controversial pension reform bill. Workers across all sectors continue to demonstrate after the retirement age was pushed from 62 to 64 …
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France provides many fantastic summer holiday destinations

Posted by ecostinger on 12th Nov 2017

Over the summer period, many people usually have a hard time picking out a place to go on vacation. France provides many fantastic summer holiday destinations. Whether you have visited the country previously or are looking forward to visiting it for the first time, there are very many destinations which have grown to be popular among tourists across the world. In fact, France is one of the most vi …
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