What Is UV Protective Swimwear?

Posted by ecostinger on 10th Jan 2017

Do you practice water sports? Scuba diving, windsurfing or maybe swimming? Then you must probably already know about the benefits of UV protective swimwear. Nowadays, the leading clothing manufacturers offer consumers a broad range of UPF rated clothes, from UV shorts and shirts to UV hats and dive t-shirts. Their large selection of sun-protective clothing products can keep their skin safe and hel …
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UV Protection Swimwear UPF50+

Posted by ecostinger on 16th Dec 2016

What is melanoma situ? Melanoma in situ is the early stage of a skin cancer called melanoma. Melanoma is thus a type of skin cancer that begins in cells called melanocytes. The term in situ, which means “in place“ in Latin means that the cancer cells have not had the opportunity to spread to anywhere else in the body. This cancer cells start at the top layer of the skin (the epidermis) but th …
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Several Respected Skin Cancer Prevention Foundations Recommend The Use Of UV Protective Swimwear

Posted by ecostinger on 28th Feb 2016

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. ( Alarmingly, the rate of melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, has tripled since the 1970s. The death rate from melanoma has increased from 2.6 deaths per 100,000 people in 1975 to 4.6 deaths per 100,000 in 2011. Though anyone can get skin cancer, those with fair skin are at an in …
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Is Sun Protection Swimwear Enough To Provide Adequate Skin Protection From UV Radiation?

Posted by ecostinger on 24th Feb 2016

Sun protection swimwear is special type of swim wear designed specifically to protect your skin from the harmful Ultraviolet radiation. If over exposed, the sun UV radiation can cause damage to the skin tissues and may lead to skin cancer. Wearing sun protective swimwear with UPF50+ sunblock can provide effective protection against the sun UV rays. Different types of Skin protective swimwe …
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