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The Growing Importance Of Online Social Networks

Posted by ecostinger on 27th Jan 2016

There is no doubt that time is something which flies very fast. If we look at lives around 30 to 40 years ago ham radio, wired landlines where the most commonly used means of communication. However, technology has moved quite fast and the growth engines were computers followed by the internet. There is hardly any doubt the internet has reshaped our lives in more ways than one. It is used for various purposes and is available in almost all gadgets. Whether it is desktops, laptops or smart phones, internet is available in each of them. Initially the internet was used for communication and sharing of information. Today there are hardly any avenues where the internet is not used.

Social Media And Its Impact

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The world on the whole wanted to become one single entity. Towards this objective there is no doubt that social networking sites have a very important role to play. There are many websites which are proprietary in nature. These sites can be used by ordinary people. They can create their own IDs and use it to chat and communicate with people, post pictures, music albums, and pictures apart from posting their own profiles. These social networking sites also allow users to invite friends and thereby increase their network. It well and truly goes a long way in making the world as one big single entity.

A Few Famous Online Social Sites

There are many social media sites and the most famous ones are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Facebook perhaps is the most popular amongst them and it is a well and truly a top class social media site. It allows uploading of videos, audio files, and also allows people to chat with one another. Twitter on the other hand is very useful for sending out short message. It has limitation on the number of characters that one can use per message. However, it allows links to be posted which could be used to read longer articles. Instagram is also one more social media site which helps a lot in helping people staying connected. It has almost the same features as other major sites.

The Various Benefits Of Social Media

There are quite a few reasons why there is a growing demand for online social networks. To begin with it helps people to keep in touch. Today friends and relatives might be living quite far away. Around three or four decades back contacting them would be a difficult task. Today, these sites make contact that much easier and simpler. Having a profile on these social media sites is quite useful for people to be in touch with one another.

The other important use of these social media sites is to help candidates to find out the right jobs. Many employers post their requirements on these social media sites. This helps them to pick and choose the best talents. Aspiring job seekers can also use these social networks to post their CVs and resumes. This will increase their chances of landing in the right job which will give a fillip to their career.

These social networks could be very useful in case of emergency health situations, whether it is floods, medical emergencies, and so on. Within minutes messages can reach thousands of people. It can be used for donation of blood, blankets, food and other kind of help to persons who might need them the most.

Today online social networks are also regularly being used to promote products and services. in fact, if one looks at the revenues of most social media networks, the biggest source is advertisements from many companies who have products and services to sell. Hence there is no doubt that online social networks are becoming extremely important from the commercial perspective too. is available on most social network, Ecostinger Google+, Ecostinger Facebook, Ecostinger Twitter, and Ecostinger Instagram.

Negative Impact

However, there are many who feel that these social media sites have quite a few negative influences on people. Teenagers, adolescents and youngsters in particular spend lot of time in these sites. Many parents and teachers feel that it spoils their habits. Many youngsters do not like to spend time outside with their friends and they stay hooked to these online sites for hours at length. They become sedentary in their lifestyle habits instead of being active and alert.

Further there are many instances where online stalking and following is becoming a big danger. Women and girls in particular fall prey to it. Though there are many ways and means to track it, it still continues to pose dangers. Online frauds and swindling of money from bank accounts are also on the rise. In many cases the online sites may have been used to get address and contact details of many persons which later could lead to unwanted and dangerous situations.

In spite of some dangers and risks associated with online social sites, there is hardly any doubt that the benefits far outweigh the shortcomings. Online sites are still at a growing stage and it will not be long before they become very popular and add more value to thousands of members and to the whole world and humanity.